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The International Baccalaureate program is a 2 year program requiring its participants to take classes of different difficulties: 3 Higher Level and 3 Standard Level. In these classes, you have to do Internal Assessments which are projects which you are not allowed to have assistance from a teacher or students in your class. IB also requires that you do CAS, which requires you to do something creative (painting, drawing, making a book, etc), active (running, sports, etc), and something with service (food bank, tutoring, etc). Also, IB requires you to write an essay before the end of Senior Year. The goal of IB is to make you a well-rounded student.

As for Dual-Enrollment, it is a semester course only seen in certain classes. For example, if you're taking physics, it can sometimes count as a high school credit as well as college credit. Ask your school for more information about DE. It is seen at most high schools.

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Q: How is international baccalaureate different from dual enrollment?
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Can some people that got accepted into UF for 2010 tell me what classes they took their grades GPA SAT score etc?

I got accepted for Fall 2010. These are the classes I took in my last 2 years: American History (Honors) English IV (Honors) Physics Chemistry AP Macroeconomics (3) AP Language/Comp (4) Sociology (Dual-enrollment) Religion (Dual-enrollment) Speech (Dual-enrollment) International Relations (Dual-enrollment) US Government (Dual-enrollment) Precalculus (Dual-enrollment) Trigonometry (Dual-enrollment) When I submitted my transcript to UF my GPA was 4.0 (unweighted) and 4.25 (weighted). I scored 1410/2110 on the SAT (730 Math, 680 Reading, 700 Writing). These aren't the best stats or the strongest courseload, but I think the 1 year of Dual Enrollment and the SAT score are what helped me the most.

Where can you find info on dual enrollment for homeschoolers in Florida?

Check with your local community college. Some college's promote the dual enrollment program, and others do not. Either way, your local college should be happy to provide you with information about dual enrollment and the requirements of dual enrollment. :)

What is another name for dual enrollment?

Concurrent enrollment

What are benefits of a dual enrollment class?

What is senioritis

What has the author James E Gibbs written?

James E. Gibbs has written: 'Dual enrollment in public and nonpublic schools' -- subject(s): Dual enrollment

What are the benefits of taking dual enrollment courses?

You are guaranteed college credit if you pass the class.

What statement is true about dual enrollment courses?

They earn both high school and college credit

Taking enough dual enrollment courses may enable a student to earn?

An Associate's degree

Taking a college course and receiving both high school and college credit is called?

Dual Enrollment

What would you need to pass with a grade of C or better to earn college credit?

A dual enrollment course

Which strategy may enable you to earn an associate's degree while you are still in high school?

Dual Enrollment Courses

What SAT score is required for Stetson University?

From the Stetson University website: "Stetson University attracts a high-caliber student. The average GPA of a student who starts at Stetson University is over 3.78. This is a combined weighted and unweighted GPA. The majority of students come from a strong background of advanced coursework including Honors, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and Dual Enrollment classes. The median SAT scores were 1030-1220. Beyond this, the typical student was an active leader in the school or community."