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Q: How is john Marshall being in the Virginia legislature when they had a debt to the English merchants help shape his political philosophy?
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How did john marshall suffered through valler of forge with george Washington whom he adored shape political philosophy?

John Marshall's experiences at Valley Forge, where he served under George Washington during the American Revolution, had a profound impact on his political philosophy. Witnessing Washington's leadership and determination during this difficult time deeply influenced Marshall's beliefs about strong central government and the importance of a strong executive branch. Marshall's admiration for Washington as a leader and his experiences at Valley Forge helped shape his commitment to a strong federal government and the interpretation of the Constitution as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

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What is the significance of John Marshall serving in the Virginia legislature?

The experience taught Marshall the importance of governmental authority to command obedience, particularly in instances involving the national interest.

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John Marshall served in the Virginia legislature 1783-89when Virginia planters refused to pay their debts to English merchants?

Yes he did.Lol, that really isn't a question. This must have been asked by someone in Mrs. Crane's class while searching for the significance of the above... Which I have yet to find.AP US HistoryLesson 14Handout 14The Role of the Judiciary in the Creation of the National StatePart A.#2xD

Was John Marshall appointed by Thomas Jefferson?

No. John Marshall was appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court by Jefferson's immediate predecessor, President John Adams, in 1801. Marshall and Jefferson had completely different political ideologies and little respect for each other, so Jefferson would never have nominated Marshall.

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