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Mostly as iron ore. == ==

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Q: How is magnetite used commercially?
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What is Magnetite Used for?

it is used for magnets. :)

The magnetic iron oxide mineral is called?

magnetite magnetite magnetite magnetite magnetite magnetite magnetite magnetite

What are the uses of magnetite?

Magnetite is used in many ways. Magnetite can be used as magnets, which can be used for more than just keeping paper on the fridge. It can be used to generate electricity, keep trains on the tracks, and guide your way in the wilderness.

How is carbon used commercially?


How much is magnetite worth?

Magnetite is used as an iron ore to make steel-and therefore is very valuable.

How is magnetite used?

Mostly as iron ore. == ==

Is gunpowder magnetic?

My son who is in 3rd grade is studying magnetite and he has been told that magnetite can be used as a gunpowder and of course that is magnetic.

Is gold used in magnets?

No, magnetite is used in magnets. Gold is used in jewelery.

Is magnetite used in compasses?

Not normally. Magnetised steel needles are used.

What is another name name for magnetite?

The mineral magnetite is also known as lodestone, a name also used for pieces of the ore that are natural magnets. Magnetite consists of iron (II,III) oxide with the formula Fe3O4.

What was the Lodestone Compass?

Magnetite is a mineral that is naturally magnetized. Sometimes called 'lodestone'. Magnetite is hard, shiny, black, and is often used in jewellery.

What are some uses of magnetite?

Magnetite particles are used for the magnetic recording of hard disks, floppy disks, and other recording media. It is used as a catalyst in the processing of ammonia. It is also used to remove arsenic from water.

What is the luster of magnetite?

Magnetite has a metallic luster.

Is magnetite a mineral or a rock?

Magnetite is a mineral.

What is the diaphaneity of magnetite?

The diaphaneity of magnetite is opaque.

What is the chemical compound for magnetite?

Magnetite is Fe3O4.

What is the chemical composition of magnetite?

Magnetite is Fe3O4.

What is the luster magnetite?

Magnetite has a metallic luster.

Is Magnetite an element or compound?

Magnetite has a formula of Fe3O4, therefore it's a compound.

What is oxygen used commercially for?

for airlines

Is biodiesel used commercially?


What rock is magnetic?

Magnetite. Lodestone is a type of magnetite.

Does magnetite conduct electricity?

Magnetite does not conduct electricity.

Does magnetite have cleavage?

Magnetite has fracture not cleavage. ChaCha on!

What is magnetite made of?

Magnetite is composed of the elements iron and oxygen.