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There are many instances: Computer graphics, using quadratic, exponential, and radical graphs to draw curves.

Mechanical engineering, physics requires a solid math understanding.

Computer engineering obviously requires at least basic math skills.

As for technology, computers use binary.

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Q: How is math used in science and technology?
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How does math science and technology relate?

they relate because thaey all need to be used to do science

What skill can you offer in Information Technology?

math and science...:)

What does STEM stand for?

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

How is science used every day?

Science is math and math is science

What does the acronym SMET stand for?

Science, Math, Engineering, and Technology is what SMET stands for. It is a education system for Science, Math, Engineering, and Technology. People do study for those specific topics.

How is math used in technology?

Math is used several different ways in technology. For instance, the Internet is based on a form of math called binary code(this is what all computers work on) Math in technology is used by grocery store owners to see which products are popular and which ones are not.

What does ATAMS stand for?

Alliance of Technology and Math Science High School

Can math be used in science?

Depending on what science you mean, quite often it HAS TO be used. Some sciences, such as physics or chemistry, are all about applying math.

What is the Relationship between math and science engineering and technology?

Science is nothing without math.. Physics and chemistry are related so far with science.. If there was no math science wouldn't exist, you couldn't calculate the problems in physics and chemistry without mathematics

How is math used in a car?

from all of the technology and when there is technology there has to be something in there that has to do with math like multiplication i think.

Is math the pure science?

Math is a language not a science. Better stated Math is a pure language. In addition, math is used to model a science and eventually draw conclusion from it.

What is technology science?

Science and Technology=Science and technology is a term of art used to encompass the relationship between science and technology. It frequently appears within titles of academic disciplines (science and technology studies) and government offices (Office of Science and Technology).=