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maganda si RONCHIE

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Q: How is metallurgy related to chemistry?
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What is the difference between metallurgy AND chemistry?

Exaggerating a little we can say that metallurgy is the metals chemistry and processing.

Jobs associated with beryllium?

Metallurgy and chemistry

Why are carbonates not studies in chemistry?

Carbonates are studied in chemistry. People do PhDs in this field. They are particularly studied in extractive metallurgy and geology.

What has the author Walter Curlook written?

Walter Curlook has written: 'Pyrometallurgy' -- subject(s): Congresses, Pyrometallurgy, Roasting (Metallurgy), Metallurgy, Extraction (Chemistry)

What do you study to be a alchemist?

chemistry, metallurgy, physics, medicine, astrology, semiotics, mysticism, and art

What has the author Vivian B Lewes written?

Vivian B. Lewes has written: 'Service chemistry' -- subject(s): Technical Chemistry, Metallurgy

What is the use of chemistry in the field of engineering?

Many fields of engineering are based more or less on chemistry: chemical engineering, metallurgy, foods industry, mining, etc.

What has the author Frederick Denys Richardson written?

Frederick Denys Richardson has written: 'Physical chemistry of melts in metallurgy' -- subject(s): Liquid metals, Metallurgic Chemistry

What has the author J C Smith written?

J C. Smith has written: 'The Chemistry and metallurgy of dental materials'

How is environmental science related to chemistry?

Chemistry is the chemistry if youre a chemistry then good for you

How is chemistry related to computer science?

Computer Science is in no way related to chemistry.

Why was Alchemy important?

It gave birth to modern chemistry and influenced medicine, metallurgy, physics, art, mysticism, spiritualism, semiotics, and astrology.