How is oxygen debt paid off?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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oxygen debt has nothing to do with credit. it is the debt you owe to the environment for causing CO2, or carbon dioxide. You pay it off by planting trees.

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Q: How is oxygen debt paid off?
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How is oxygen debt paid?

by breathing rapidly and deeply.

If you have bad credit but the debt is paid off can you get a loan?


Where can one go to get the debt paid off?

One can go to the debtor to pay the debt off. To refinance debt and reduce the interest rate being paid, one can refinance one's debts. For this, it is best to talk to one's bank.

Can a car loan agent sue me for a debt that has been written off?

No, if it is written off that means the company has accepted the debt as paid.

Can you use your Stafford student loan to pay off debt?

No, you cannot use a Stafford student loan to pay off personal debt. The only debt that should be paid off with an educational Stafford loan is your college debt.

Can creditors keep selling your debt?

Until it is paid off, yes.

How long does a lien last in WA?

Until the debt is paid off

How can student debt be paid off?

"Student debt can be paid off in many ways. Once the student is out of school, they can pay off the entire debt at once or they can consolidate and start making payments. If they go into education, some of their loans will be forgiven if they work in ""at risk"" schools and school districts."

How long after bad debt can it be collected?

A bad debt can be collected on indefinitely. The debt is owed until it is paid or written off by the creditor or individual.

Have the german's paid off their debt for World War 2?

yes, we paid everything back till 1988.

What sort of letter do you write to have a slowly paid-off debt removed from your credit report?

The debt will only be removed when it is paid in full. Or when the SOL of the debtors state of residency applies.

Under UK law should you pay a debt that has been written off by a company?

If the debt has been written off, it no longer exists and therefore does not need to be paid.