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How is pine tree and maple tree are the same?


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...They're not the same. Maple trees are like regular trees and pine trees are Christmas trees. Maple trees produce syrup that you can eat. Where-as pine trees make sap but you can't eat that.

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Not sure... but i think they both produce sap

a maple tree is vascular and a pine tree is nonvasclar

Maple trees and rosebushes are angiosperms, which are flowering plants. Pine trees, which are Gymnosperms, do not flower.

pines grom to much taller than maple

A pine needle comes from a coniferous tree (cone bearing) while a maple leaf comes from a deciduous tree (leaf bearing).

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A sugar maple is part of the maple family.

He got the Maple Leaf and Pine Tree award

Pine trees are a type of soft wood and a maple tree is a hard wood

Christmas trees are usually pine, not maple. Since a maple tree loses its leaves in the winter, it would make for a very bleak kind of Christmas tree. Pine trees still have their needles, being evergreens.

While the "conifer" term does not exclusively refer to pine trees, the pine tree is the only member of the conifer family out of the three. The oak (and all of it's subsets) belongs to the "magnoliophyta" phylum, whereas the maple belongs to the "angiosperms" subset.

Gymnosperms - Loblolly pine, longleaf pine, ginko tree, cypress tree, lodgepole pine - Anything that's a cycad, conifer, gnetophyte, or the ginko tree.Angiosperms - oak tree, maple tree, apple tree, grass, rose - Any flowering plant

No. A conifer is a cone bearing tree. A pine tree is a conifer. Maple trees don't have cones. If your question is:Which of these is a coniferous tree: Maple, Palm, Spruce or Mahogany?Horseisle Answer: SpruceBrought to you by LittleCricket [Cremello] & MissEm [Roan]

No, they are not the same. Maple syrup comes from the Maple tree and corn syrup is made from corn.

Maple is a hard wood (from a leafed tree) and pine is a soft wood (from a conifer). In this case both wood also have the described character (hard vs soft) not always the case.

Maple trees, Aspens, Lodgepole pine, Douglas fir, trilliums, wheat, corn, dogwood tree, popular tree,

Okay here's some: oak tree, birch tree, maple tree, spruce tree, pine tree. Now here are some wildflowers marigolds, daffodil, forget-me-not...

No, maple syrup comes from the Maple tree. Corn syrup comes from corn.

No the you should see the difference in the name that gives it away :)

Any type of tree would fit here. Examples: flower - rose as tree - oak or pine, elm, maple, birch, aspen etc. . . .

Sugar maples are the maple tree maple syrup is made from

Radiata pine is acone bearing treeI know two:1) red pine (which is the same as scotch pine, I think)2) conifer

Pine is Pinus sp. while Fir is Abies sp. - two completely different species.

same class as maple trees

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