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Q: How is roundworms transmitted?
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What is the mode of transmission of roundworms to humans?

Roundworms are transmitted from dirt. If a human picks them up with there hands and puts it in there mouth, that's how it's transmitted. The eggs and Larvae can also go through human skin.

How are the roundworms of the genus Ascaris transmitted from one host to another?

Many roundworms that live in the soil attach to the root hairs of green plants and suck out the plant juices. These parasitic worms cause tremendous damage to many crops all over the world. Roundworms are particularly fond of tomato plants. Other roundworms live inside plant tissues, where they cause considerable damage. ChaCha!

How does your dog get roundworms?

Roundworms are transmitted when dogs eat dirt or feces contaminated with roundworm eggs. Nearly all puppies are born with roundworm--most mothers have dormant larvae in their tissue. These larvae come to life at the end of the pregnancy and migrate into the lungs of the new pups.

What are roundworms classified as?

Roundworms are a part of the animal kingdom. They are a part of the phylum nematoda. There are several species of roundworms.

Do roundworms have radial symmetry?

No, roundworms have bilateral symmetry.

What is the domain of the roundworms?

Roundworms rule the domain of the Phylum'Nematoda'.

What do roundworms harm?

Roundworms can harm dogs ect;

What is the different body plan symmetry and feeding methods of cnidarians and roundworms?

Jellyfish are bell shaped and roundworms aren't. Jellyfish sting and roundworms do not. jellyfish are radial and and roundworms are not.

What is the scienitific name for roundworms?

Roundworms belong to the phylum Nematoda.

Does roundworms have a nervous system?

Yes roundworms have nervous systems!

How do roundworms breathe?

Roundworms do not breathe in the way that humans or animals do. Roundworms take in oxygen through their skin and into the cells. The term for this is diffusion.

Are earthworms roundworms or flatworms?

pretty sure they're roundworms as they are round.