How is sainsbury's effected by high interest rates?

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Consumers should be concerned about high interest rates because high interest rates?

High interest rates increase the cost of taking out a loan, making credit purchases more expensive.

When you are earning interest is it better to have high or low rates?

High rates.However, high interest rates are usually a consequence of high inflation rates and so what matters is not the interest rate but the real interest rate which is the nominal interest rate relative to the inflation rate.Thus a 3% interest rate when inflation is 1% is better that a 5% interest rate when inflation is 4%.

How relatively high interest rates affect currency values?

What is important is not high interest rates but high real interest rates: that is, interest rates adjusted for inflation.If a currency has high real interest rates, foreign investors will want to buy into that currency. The increased demand will push up the price of that currency relative to other currencies and so its exchange rate will "improve".

Where can I find interest rates for a high certificate of deposit?

Interest rates are printed daily in the newspaper.

Impact of recession?

high interest rates such as the repo rates and high inflation rate

Cash advance loans rip you off with high interest rates.?

Cash advance loans rip you off with high interest rates.

What is the benefit of fixed deposit interest rates?

Fixed deposit interest rates is a guaranteed interest rate for the entire term of an investment. They allow for the customer to earn high interest rates.

Where can I find out about a high interest CD?

There are no high CD interest rates in today's society. To get the best rates for investing in CDs, I would check some news articles or look into High-Yield CD rates.

How do financial institutions calculate interest rates?

Financial institutions base their interest rates on fluctuation of today's market. If the market is doing well then interest rates are high. If the market is down, interest rates goes down along with it.

What is the relationship between interest rate and labor supply?

There is not a direct link but high interest rates are associated with expectations of high rates of inflation. High inflation may be associated with high wage rises and so lower employment rates. Low employment rates would suggest excess labour supply. So, from one end of that chain to the other: high interest rates are associated with high labour supply.

Do used car loans have high interest rates?

Whether your used car loan has a high interest rate depends on who you talk to or ask. Although, yes, used car loans have medium to high interest rates.

Is there a bank better than Ally for high certificate of deposit interest rates?

There are many banks that offer competitive interest rates. You can check sites like to compare interest rates

What's the interest rate on instant loans?

You can expect very high interest rates. In fact, some of these companies charge you interest rates upwards of 50%.

What role do interest rates lay in mounting consumer debt?

High interest rates play a role in mounting consumer debt. When interest rates are high, more of a person's payment is being applied to interest versus principal. Because of this, it takes the consumer longer to payoff their debt.

What banks offer high interest rate accounts?

Different banks will offer different interest rates. Some banks that offer high interest rates include Ally Bank and Capital One which has an interest rate of 0.84% and 0.75%.

What are the interest rates for a savings account from Chase bank?

Chase currently offers an interest rate of .5 on their savings accounts. These are not high rates.

Should you sell before interest rates get too high?


When interest rates are high the average consumer will?

buy less

Why would interest rates go up if inflation is high?


What are tight and loose monetary policy?

They are both types of monetary policy. Tight has high interest rates and low supply, while loose has low interest rates and high supply.

Where can one find the highest savings interest rates?

One can find the highest savings interest rates by going to the Savings Accounts website. The website has a list of the top 10 Savings Accounts that have high interest rates.

What type of interest rate can you expect from a high yield savings account?

Interest rates vary depending on the bank the savings account is in. For a high yield savings account, interest rates can be from 0.95-3.0% annual percentage yield.

What effect do interest rates have on the ability of consumers to buy a house or a car?

High interest rates increase the cost on the ability to buy a house or a car.

Why are certificate of deposit interest rates so high?

Banks pay you a premium interest rates for leaving your money untoched for a predetermined amount of time.

When interest rates on Treasury bills and other liquid financial assets are high the opportunity cost of holding money is so thin government spending cause interest rates to?

high and low