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How is silver extracted from the Earth?


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Silver is mined through a series of mines known as an open cut mine, a shaft mine, and a panning. Silver (Ag) is a precious metal used in jewelry and cutlery. It is extracted from copper & lead ores. These ores are first crushed and then smelted .......


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Silver is extracted from mines.

Einsteinium is not extracted from the earth, it is an artificial element.

Silver is extracted electrolytically by either the Moebius process, the Balbach-Thum process, or the Parkers process.

it is extracted from electrolysis of potash.

Silver is not extracted from uranium ores.

A pearl is not extracted from the earth. They are found in oyster's shells. The term for it is harvesting oysters.

extracted, it is a mineral that occurs naturally in the earth.

Its ore is mined and silver is extracted from the ore in a smelter.

You need to specify "it".

Most coal and oil are natural and is extracted from the earth. Most coal and oil are natural and is extracted from the earth.

Halite (NaCl) is extracted by mining or from seawater by crystallization/recrystallization.

Tin is extracted from the earth surface by using carbon. It is able to get under neath it and separate it form the other rock.

Yes, uranium is mined from the earth crust.

Gold is extracted from the earth itself, near the place underground where coal miners work.

Erm, no coal isn't a mineral - it is a rock. I wouldn't describe it as being extracted from the bowels of the Earth - it's mined.

Most silver is obtained from refining other metals. It's extracted through a flotation process. Then the silver itself is refined through smelting.

copper is extrcted in diffrent country

You just pull them off the tree.

Uranium is extracted from the Earth crust by mining.

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