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How is silver used?


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silver is used for jewelry

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Silver is used in coins!

Silver bromide, a silver halide, is a light-sensitive compound used in film emulsion. Other silver halides used in film include silver chloride and silver iodide.

silver can be used for many purposes, likewise silver ornaments are made from silver . Silver is a cheap metal and it can also be used for electroplating like other metals........... Cheers :-)

silver It's used in the form of silver compounds (e.g. silver chloride, silver iodide, silver bromide).

silver is used in making mirrors because silver has a property to reflect so it is used in making mirrors

Silver is the best conductor but copper is used because silver is too expensive.

silver can be used for jewelry

no, silver is not ferrous.

No; however, silver is used to make mirrors.

Silver's compounds are used in photographic film and dilute solutions of silver nitrate and other silver compounds are used as disinfectants. Although the antimicrobial uses of silver have largely been supplanted by the use of antibiotics, further research into its clinical potential is in progress. Sterling silver is used for jewelry and silverware. Silver is used for dental alloys, solder, electrical contacts, and batteries. Silver paints are used for making printed circuits. Silver is used to makes mirrors. Silver iodide is used in seeding clouds to produce rain. Silver is also used to produce coins.

No, silver was never used in BX cable.

Silver is used in many things. It is used to make jewelry and other decorative items. The US mint also uses silver for making coins. Silver is valued for it's precious metal.

Silver bars are made from silver ore.

S is used for sulfur, so it can't be used for silver. And the name silver derives from the word argentum, thus the abbreviation of Ag for silver.

KL 925 silver is type of sterling silver that is used in making silver jewelry.

They used 92.5% silver till 1920 They used 50% silver till 1947

Silver is a valuable metal, and is thus not used in radiators.

Silver is used in mirrors because it is the most reflective of the elements.

Silver Halide - because it does.

because silver is tarnish resistance

Even though silver is the best conductor of electricity, it is extremely expensive. Thus silver is not used to make electical wires. Silver is also very soft to be used as electric wires.

silver has been used as currency by many many civilizations including the U.S.A

Silver can be tested by the use of the silver acid test if it is pure silver. The chemical analysis test can also be used to test silver.

silver is responsible for reflecting property of old times smooth silver pieces were used as mirrors but they got corroded easily .

The silver wing is used to get Lugia in both Soulsilver and Heartgold, while the rainbow wing is used for Ho-oh

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