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Solar energy is transferred into electrical energy through solar panels

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Q: How is solar energy transformed into other types of energy?
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Why is solar energy not really energy?

Of course it is. The energy in the solar energy is just as real as other types of energy - and it is actually energy.

Is solar energy used to move other energy types?


How is a fossil fuel transformed into other types of energy?

Well it is pretty simple, you burn it.

What types of energy are transformed to with a hairdryer?

Electrical energy is transformed into heat energy by the coils inside and kinetic energy by the fan inside.

Is solar energy?

Not necessarily. Energy can be solar energy in the form of thermal and light energies, but there are other types of energies, like kinetic or chemical.

What happens to energy over the course of a reaction?

It gets transformed into other types of energy, never destroyed nor created.

How various types of energy can be transformed?

it cant

Types of energy transformed into thermal energy?

i want to know too. answer- chemical energy

What types of energy is a Solar Panel?

Solar panels harness energy from the sun--Solar energy!

Why should solar energy be used instead of other types?

because solar power is natural and it is cheap.

Can solar energy be used effectively to purify water?

Yes, Solar Energy can be collected to purify water the same way other types of energy can be used.

What types of energy can be transformed into electricity?

Three types? I can think of more than that. But I suppose if we group some together: there is mechanical energy, solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy. Thermal energy in a power station is transformed into mechanical energy so is covered by that. But then both wind energy and hydro energy convert to mechanical before the electricity is produced. So really at a fundamental level there seems only mechanical and solar. Mechanical would include fossil fuels, (coal, oil, natural gas,), nuclear, wind, incinerators, hydro, geothermal, and biomass, which all drive a mechanical device to produce the electricity. Solar produces electricity directly from photovoltaic cells so that is not mechanical.