How is sport important to Malaysia?

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They get a lot of income to help their economy grow. Their main event is the F1 event at Sepang, from which they receive millions each year.
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Why are sports important?

Sports are very important. Some people play sports for money and fame, but I think the true meaning is to have fun. Children join teams and make friends, and isn't that just a great thing, to know that you have those friends to trust and to grow up with. You can also enjoy sports because you know th ( Full Answer )

What is the importance of games and sports?

games and sport slightly has the same meaning.. it is both activity but the only difference is.. sport is an activity that has a winner and loser and is a very competitively activity while the game is just a game. winner or loser it doesn't matter and game is just for ENJOYMENT!. Sports and games ( Full Answer )

What is the importance of sports?

Sports are very important. Not only to kids, but for adults aswell. When you play sports, you meet so many people you probablywouldn't if you didn't play. You get to know people that enjoyplaying the same sport you do. Sports aren't only fun, they keepyou in shape too. You improve your agility, endu ( Full Answer )

Where is Malaysia?

Malaysia is located in southeast Asia. It includes the Malay Peninsula (south of Myanmar) and part of the island of Borneo. It borders Thailand to the north and the countries of Brunei and Indonesia on Borneo. South East Asia, between Thailand & Indonesia. The Malay Peninsula & part of the island ( Full Answer )

Why sports are important?

I have wondered this myself. Sports are only important in one way. That is the entertainment industry. Think about it, sports only are given pride and entertainment for people to see. That is the only reason sports are important. Sure they may be ways to get yourself exercised, but you can do that b ( Full Answer )

Why sport is important?

sports are important because you get strength and it is fun. you have to work out or then you are not gonna have energy in your body that's why sports is important

Important of sport?

i don't think any one in the world has the ability to answer this incredibly ambiguous question.

How is team work in sports important?

Team work is the most important aspect of any sports team. If theteams did not work together, than the games would be complete chaosand members that do work hard will begin to resent members thatdon't.

What sports are played in Malaysia?

1) Badminton. 2) Bowling. 3) Football (Soccer). 4) Sepak Raga (Sepaktakraw) Sepak Raga means to kick Rattan Ball. 5) Kite Flying. 6) Swimming. 7) Grand Prix (Motor racing)

Why do you think sport is important for a learner?

Sports is important for learners such as kids, because it developstheir self-esteem, sense of team work and sportsmanship. Bybuilding confidence, they gain new friends and would generally havea more positive outlook in life.

Why sports day important?

Sports are good! It provides us to get the energy that we need which is physical exercise. We need this because it maintains a healthy metabolism which can help us to reduce the amount of obesity that's been happening to a lot of people and diseases. Regular exercise is great as you are fit and heal ( Full Answer )

What is national sports of Malaysia?

I came from Malaysia and even I'm not so sure. Well,I think Malaysia has its best quality in football and badminton. But I can't deny that hockey is one of them too.

Why sports is important?

they help you stay in shape and they are fun and can get you money

What is the important sport?

All are equal. It depends upon you that which game u join... But i play table tennis because i am fond of it :) :)

Sports of Malaysia?

1) Badminton 2) Bowling 3) Football (Soccer) 4) Sepak Raga (Sepaktakraw) Sepak Raga means to kick Rattan Ball 5) Kite Flying 6) Swimming 7) Grand Prix (Motor racing)

National sport of Malaysia?

Sepak Takraw (rattan ball), but has been over taken by badminton due to raise of popularity in early 1990-s

How do you improve sport in Malaysia?

You can allways practice the sport that you play other wise if you have other problems in the country or in your family situations.

What is important in sports?

It is the matter of staying in shape and working out for it. It helps you to stay fit and you can achieve so much more doing sports. There's Football, Soccer, Baseball, and Basketball are the main sports.

Are sports important?

Sports are important for physical activities, health, strength, fitness and to keep people from obesity, diseases and more.

Why is sport important?

Sports are very important to people of all ages. Sports will provide people of all ages with much needed physical exercise which can lead to better health and a better functioning body. Sports not only provide a means to get healthier, they also provide people with fun recreation. Sports are importa ( Full Answer )

Why the sports are important?

sports are important for the health, psychical and mental . they help take aggression and keep people fit

Where you can get in Malaysia?

well,as a resident there I could say that we have a lot of beautiful places,islands and the best part is probably visiting the island of borneo. It's a fun place for family vacations and all sorts of other stuff

Importance of sports and games for kids?

they are so important. Im fourteen year old and can not imagine living without playing sports. it provides a great way for kids to get up of the couch and do something. it keeps us healthy and active and promotes friendships. there are so many obiece people in northe America today so parents really ( Full Answer )

Why is sport important in American culture?

Sports are important in American culture because it shows who youare and what u play for. For example, soccer is most common inItaly or Spain.

What was an important sport event in the 1930?

The first James E. Sullivan Memorial Trophy, awarded to the country's top amateur athlete, goes to golfer Bobby Jones. Jim Bausch, Glenn Cunningham, Lawson Little, and Don Budge are other winners during the decade. . On March 18, Montreal Canadian center Howie Morenz, called the "Babe Ruth of Hocke ( Full Answer )

Why is so important doing sport?

Because playing sports give the ability to show off your talents and to express yourself and it helps you to stay active and learn to play as a team or by yourself.

What are some important cities in Malaysia?

Kuala Lumpur, Putra Jaya, Penang, Johor Bahru, Ipoh, Kota Bahru, Kuching, Miri, Kota Kinabalu, Melaka are all more important (what ever that means) cities in Malaysia.

Why are sport specific skills important?

specific skills in sports are important because skills turn into performance. Such as athletic ability, knowledge, experience and God given ability. Examples are leaping, speed, coordination and teamwork :)

What is the importance of measurement in sports?

measurement generally leads to data which is quantitative in nature, measurement is basis of information.Measurement is associated with test and evaluation which are the basic needs for getting measurements and to analyse scores.

What are the importance of recreational sports?

If you wish to rest from Te-Puts, you may choose to recreate through other means.....such as sports. Because sometimes, after all, a Te-puts is just not enough. Voila.

Why academic is important than sport?

First, sports are for entertainment only and really don't do much other than that. Secondly, all athletes have a career with a limited lifespan because of aging and injuries. A person can do nearly anything with their mind and barring injury or disease, your mind will be useful for your entire life. ( Full Answer )

How is simplicity important in sports?

If you over-think things, you don't se your natural abilities and instincts and you get frustrated and then, in turn, suck at the sport.

Why is Soccer and Badminton the most popular sports in Malaysia?

The word soccer (English word) is not popular in Malaysia. The English term is Football. One should remember in USA Football is called 'soccer', not elsewhere. As a mass sport, not only in malysia, Football is popular all over the world, and Malaysia makes no difference. As for Badminton, this gam ( Full Answer )

How important is flexibility in posture and sports?

flexibility in posture for sports is VERY VERY important. excpesialy when you are in gymnastics because to do all those flips and stuff you have to have good posture and a lot of flexibility. flexibility is also need for other sports such as soccer, cheer, football, softball, baseball, and basketbal ( Full Answer )

What is the importance of sports and teens?

Teens must keep active as their bodies are always growing. If a teen (or mostly anyone) does not keep active, it is easiest for teens to become obese.

What is Malaysia about?

Malaysia is a name of country which gain independence from the british, and still live under poor democratic system, while its people do not have bravery to fight for it. Malaysia is the strongest soccer team in southeast. And Khairul Fahmi Chet Mat ( Apex ) is number 1 the best goalie in Asia.

Why is tourism so important to Malaysia?

Malaysia is boosting its tourism basically because to invite moreinvestment for the upliftment of the country. If there are manymore tourists, it can open doors to more business and moreinvestment from outside the country.

Why is Halal Food so Important in Malaysia?

A large majority of the population in Malaysia comprise MalayMuslims and it is of the utmost importance for them to consume meatthat is lawful or permissible. Halal food is consumed by Muslims asa fundamental practice, and the Koran states that the followers ofIslam are meant to eat food that is pre ( Full Answer )