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Q: How is the HBC dependent on the lungs?
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How did the old hbc retain control over the new hbc after the merger with the nwc?

HBC kept control by controlling the trade routes, which brought a lot of money into the HBC.

The circulatory system is most dependent on which other organ?

The circulatory system is dependent on the lungs. The lungs bring oxygen into the body, and the circulatory system transports that oxygen to body tissues.

When the hbc and the nwc merged why did they keep the hbc's name?

Because HBC was the more powerful one, either way it's now called "The Bay."

Why did the NWC and the HBC merge?

the hbc had alot of hot women and the nwc thought if they merged witht he hbc thy could maybe have some sexy time

Who owns the the HBC?

The initials HBC usually means, in Canada, the Hudson's Bay Company.

When was HBC opened?

HBC (The Hudson's Bay Company) was founded in 1670 by King Charles II.

Who are the owners of hbc?

The initials HBC usually means, in Canada, the Hudson's Bay Company.

Why is HBC important?


What does hbc sell today?

Hbc, sell anything from clothes, dishes, bedding, curtain and much much more

What did the HBC and the NWC do in the 1821?


Who established the HBC?

The HBC was founded on 2 May 1670 when King Charles granted a charter to his cousin Prince Rupert and his associates.

Why is the Hudson Bay company important for WA settlers?

The HBC purchased furs from settlers and sold goods brought in via York Factory from the Atlantic. HBC also brought in goods from the Pacific. The HBC was the big block store of it's day.