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In the United states only the legal code in Louisiana is based upon the Napoleonic Code.

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Q: How is the Napoleonic code similar to the us legal system?
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What type of legal system does Brazil have?

The Brazilian Legal System is, by and large, modeled on the Civil Law System of Portugal, which in turn was modeled on the Napoleonic Code from France.

Legal reform based on enlightenment?

Napoleonic Code.

What was the system of laws and government instituted by Napoleon?

The Napoleonic Code.

Which state's law is based on the Napoleonic code system?


What was Napoleon's comprehensive system of laws called?

The Napoleonic Code.

Napoleon code was a set of?

The Napoleonic Code was a set of legal rules and guidelines.

What are the Napoleonic laws?

The Napoleonic Code.

What did the Napoleonic code do for France?

The Napoleonic Code standardized French Law, clarified many ambiguous legal decisions, and increased equality under the law across different social classes, religious groups, and ethnic groups.

What is the domineered principle of American law?

The U.S. Constitution is the thrust behind the US legal system. But generally the U.S. legal system, being a former colony of Britain, is based on English common law. The only exception is the state of Louisiana which uses the Napoleonic (French) code.

What was napoleon law called?

Napoleon's law code was called the Napoleonic Code or the Civil Code of 1804. It was a French civil code that served as the foundation for many legal systems in Europe and beyond.

The organization of french laws under napoleon was called the?

It's the Napoleonic Code.

Many people consider to be one of napoleons greatest achievements?

the Napoleonic Code