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The Walmart money card is different from a normal Visa credit card because an individual has to deposit money on the Walmart card before he or she can purchase items with the card. Whereas the Visa credit card already has money on it, or a certain amount of credit.

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Q: How is the Walmart Money Card different from a normal Visa credit card?
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How do you see how much money you have on your credit card?

go to a store like walmart and ask

Can you buy a money order with your walmart credit card?

CreditRepair are experts in the credit repair field and helps individuals meet their credit goals. CreditRepair process has been been developed, refined and proven over many years and thousands of customers link:

Where can someone with a poor credit history apply for a credit card?

You can get a "secured" credit card from many banks which are different from normal credit cards as you have to load on an amount of money and this is all that can be spend. You can get them even with a bad credit rating, but are not able to borrow money on them. Proper credit cards for people with bad credit history include Aqua, Aquis, Barclaycard, Capital One, and Luma.

How can you get a house built despite your poor credit?

With cash or money borrowed outside the normal credit channels (family, etc.).

Can you pay your Walmart credit card at Walmart?

You sure can. You are able to pay your walmart credit card at any register and customer service/money center. If the cashier doesn't know what he/she is doing, tell the person to perform a "70 action code" (service desk and money center should know, but cashiers may not). The only limitation is that you cannot pay your credit card during a transaction. It has to be separate.

How is a credit union different from a savings and loan association?

You cannot save money in a credit union

How do you be an upgrade for AQworlds?

You pay real life money to Artix Entertainment. never yous your credit card with money on it just run to walmart and buy a visa card

Does Walmart sell money orders?

No, at the moment Walmart does not sell money orders.

How much does Indian ink cost at walmart?

You cant really tell how much it cost unless you go on their website, and every Walmart is different depending on where you live. So if you really need Indian ink just bring the normal amount of money you would usually bring.

Can you buy Farmville money with Farmville coins?

Unfortunately you cannot. Farmville money comes only from true money via credit cards or Retail Stores such as CVS, Walgreen, Best-Buy, and Walmart.

How old do you have to be to get a credit card?

To get a normal credit card which lets you go over if you spend more money, you have to be 16-18 depending which bank you get it with hope this helps!

Can you cash a money order at Walmart?

Can. U. Cash. A. Money. Order. At. Burlinton. Walmart. In. Nj

How much money is AcneFree at Walmart?

it's $17.97 at walmart

Who makes more money Bill Gates or Walmart?


What is Walmart about?

Walmart's motto is save money live better

How do you return an opened game at walmart and get your money back?

Take the game back, say its not working right, it keeps freezing. They will give you a new one, wrapped. And you just take it to another walmart and get store credit.

What is the meaning of credit and debit?

Debit and credit are accounting terms for different columns. A "debit card" is different from a "credit card" in that when used, the former takes money directly from your bank account. Simply i can say debit what comes in,credit what goes out. i prefer virtual credit cards.

What are types of credit processing?

There are several different types of credit processing. There is the ATM, automated teller. There you can withdraw or deposit money. Then there is a human bankteller. There you can speak with a human, and deposit or withdraw money.

How can Walmart save people money?

it doesn't. in fact,Walmart is taking the taxpayer's money and keeping it for themselves.

Can i see with out the code if money was sent to me?

Can i see with out the code if someone sends money to you fom walmart to walmart

How much money is skateboards at Walmart?

A waste of money

When you trade in something at Walmart how do you get money?

you ask for the money!

What is each credit card feature matched with its purpose A Annual percentage rate B Balance transfer 1 To build a good credit rating 2 To use one credit card to pay off money owed on a different card?

A.Annual percentage rateTo build a good credit rating.CB.Balance transferTo use one credit card to pay off money owed on a different credit card.BC.Secured cardTo use a credit card to get money from a bank machine.DD.Cash advanceTo charge interest on unpaid balances.A

Does a secured credit card build credit the same was a normal card?

No, you have to deposit money in the account first, after that they give you a credit based on the amount you deposited. But the deposited amount stays in there until they change it to an unsecured card.

What are different Methods of payments?

Credit card, check, cash, money order, bank transfer...