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How is the barn owl and the snowy owl the same?


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No. The snowy owl is Nyctea Scandiaaca, and the barn owl is Tyto Alba.

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No. The snowy owl is a larger, much more specialized species. Found mainly in cold, snowy regions. The barn owl can be found in one subspecies or another nearly worldwide.

ooh definitely the snowy owl...they iz sooo purdy

barn owl tawny owl snowy owl

Snowy owl, lives only in circumpolar regions

No barn owls are much larger

Most people think that the Barn owl is or the snowy, but it is just an opinion.

snowy owl live in Farms

It depends on what kind of owl it is. If its a snowy owl it would be normal to see a white one. If its a barn owl, or screech owl, etc. it would be rare if it was white. Snowy owls are white so they can blend in with their surroundings, as they live in a snowy enviorment.

There's Soren, a Barn owl, Gylfie, an Elf owl, Digger, a Burrowing owl, Twilight, a Great gray owl, Metal Beak, a Barn owl with a metal mask, Nyra, a Barn owl, Kludd, a Barn owl, Noctus, Barn owl and father to Eglantine, Soren and Kludd, Marella, Barn owl and mother to Eglantine, Soren and Kludd, Boron, snowy owl and king of the Ga'hoole tree, Barran, snowy owl and queen of the Ga'hoole tree, Ezylryb or Lyze of Kiel, whiskered screech owl and leader of the guardians, Otulissa, spotted owl and snotty, chatterbox owl in the books, Primrose, pygmy owl, and I don't know the rest. But these might do.

All owls are different in many ways for example there is a snowy owl and a barn owl. A snowy owl is very larger and white while a barn owl is smaller and has a brownish color. All owls change from time to time in color and depends on there breed and their main colors. The British Barn Owl is a pale cream color. Others have distinct dark markings.

Owls differ in texture, the Barn owl is a very soft to touch owl, the snowy owl has much firmer feathers.

The same reason horses are extinct.

a barn owl and any other type of owl since they're the same species

Barn Owl, Saw Whet owl, Great Horned Owl, Snowy Owl, Long Eared Owl, Barred Owl, Short Eared Owl, and Screech Owl.

Barn Owl (Family Tytonidae) * Barn-owl "Typical" Owls (Family Strigidae) * Eastern Screech Owl * Great Horned Owl * Snowy Owl * Barred Owl * Long-eared Owl * Short-eared Owl *** * Northern Saw-whet Owl Winter Owl Visitors * Northern Hawk-owl * Great Gray Owl * Boreal Owl

There were five breeds of owl mentioned on the Eeylops Owl Emporium sign. They are tawny, screech, barn, brown and snowy owls.

I'm sure there are more than one species which have a white face: the barn owl and the snowy owl, for instance.

The male barn owl find foods for the female barn owl.

great grey owl great horned owl barn owl spotted owl northern screech owl northern hawk owl northern saw-whet snowy owl burrowing owl sooty owl

the snowy owl is white and the normal owl is brown.

and snowy owls. they look like snow to blend in.

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