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The fourth dimension is not "time'. The fourth dimension is a real space dimension r=ct, where c is the speed of light and the fourth dimension r is the product of 'c' and time which gives a real number distance. The other three dimensions are vector dimensions V= Ix + Jx + Ky. The vectors I, J and K are unit vectors with the vector property I2=J2=K2=IJK= - 1.

So, all the dimensions are units of space!

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Q: How is the fourth dimension the time?
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Why is time called the fourth dimension - Jeremy Shaughnessy?

Why is time called the fourth dimension?

What is the dimension of time?

The fourth dimension.

What is the fourth shatterd dimension?

the fourth dimension is the theory of time ,soul and consionces

Who said that time is the fourth dimension?

Time is not the fourth dimension, because time is a singularity. The Past, Present and Future are in the "Now".

What did Albert Einstein say is the fourth dimension?

Albert Einstein said that time is the fourth dimension.

Will you ever discover a fourth dimension?

Most physicists would tell you that we already consider there to be a fourth dimension. It is time.

What is known as the fourth dimesion?

The fourth dimension is usually considered as being time.

What is the fourth element in the theory of relativity?

the fourth elements or the fourth dimension in the relativity is time. The space are the first three dimensions.

What is the difference between 3d and 4d?

The Third Dimension is the dimension of space, the one we are in now. The Fourth Dimension is the theoretical dimension of time, which overlaps onto the 3'rd Dimension.

What is the fourth dimension according to the modern science?

Density is the fourth dimension and it can also be increasing the mass like other dimensions but we cannot see with our eyes but only if the width is very low and doesnt touch the centre and it's only directly proportional to surface, only if the object is transparent it exists

What 4th dimension warped near black holes?

The fourth dimension is time, and it does become warped near a black hole.

When was The Fourth Dimension - book - created?

The Fourth Dimension - book - was created in 1984.

Who discovered the fourth dimension?

eIt depends on what you mean. The fourth dimension can mean time. It's quite obvious who discovered time... If you mean the fourth spatial dimension, then the reality is that nobody has discovered it. It's rather an abstract mathematical concept. There might be parallel universes that have four (or any other number, for that matter) of dimensions, but that's another story entirely.

What is time time?

Time is the fourth dimension and a measure in which events can be ordered from the past through the present into the future.

Does fourth dimension really exist?

Yes. The 4th dimension is time. According to String Theory (which is unverified), there may be as many as 11 dimensions, but dimensions above the fourth are hypothetical.

How else does the earth move besides in space?

It moves in Time, the fourth dimension.

What is physical dimension of time?

Time is. When people say "time is the fourth dimension", what they really mean is "It's mathematically consistent to treat time as if it were a dimension mutually orthogonal with the three 'normal' physical dimensions." I would propose to consider time(duration)as initial force of the Universe.

What is meant by fourth dimension in physics?

In physics the 4th dimension is time. So an object has 3 physical dimensions (height, width, length) but it also has a position in time.

What is the fourth dimension in architecture?

Only if we are scaling small spaces as large spaces, density can be increasing when comparing the smaller object with the larger object so truly the larger object might be even larger

Make a sentence using the word dimension?

Many people believe that the physical world has only three dimensions but others have argued that Time is the fourth dimension.

Is there a fourth dimension?

The fourth dimension is time. To meet with someone you must give the intersecting streets, which represent the x and y co-ordinates. The floor number gives the elevation, plus or minus, and the time (10:30 e.g.). Miss any one of them and the rendezvous won't happen.

What is exactly the fourth dimension in Space?

The Fourth dimension in Space is a real distance dimension r, completing the three vector displacement dimensions. Space is a quaternion with one real dimension and three vector dimensions, s= r + Ix + Jy + Kz, where I,J and K denote the vector dimensions. The real dimension r is related to time by r=ct where c is the speed of light. Einstein and Minkowski proposed in Relativity Theory a defective four dimension Space, where the fourth dimension is a vector Ict . This Space is essentially a two dimensional Space and does not exhibit the non-commuttive features of the quaternion Space.

What is an explaination of 4th dimension of space?

Einstein described gravity as a bend in space-time. Today, some physicists describe the fourth dimension as any space that's perpendicular to a cube.

Is there a fourth dimension in space?

sure, why not

What are the ratings and certificates for Tales of the Fourth Dimension - 2009 V?

Tales of the Fourth Dimension - 2009 V is rated/received certificates of: UK:12