How is the job outlook for hypnotherapists?

Being a hypnotherapist can be a great job or one that is difficult to support yourself in. There a a few reasons . If you live in California insurance reimburses hypnotherapy sessions if they are Dr referred. So if you are skilled and have great relationships with Dr's you can have a great profession, help lots of people and make a living. If you live in other parts of the country that don't have reimbursement you can still have a great profession but it may take alot of word of mouth or marketing work. You will need to show others that what you do is important and does cause positive change. People will have to pay out of pocket and because of that they may not come to you until they feel they have exhausted all other options. Sessions can range from 50-150$ depending on the area of the country and the reputation of the therapist. The cost is well worth it once a person sees the changes it makes. Its getting the client to understand they are worth the expense. Again like all treatment nothing is 100% for everyone, there is sound research that hypnosis works, but each individual comes with their own feelings and if there is no trust between the therapist and the client you won't have the same outcome. This can effect ones reputation. A hypnotherapist needs to be skilled, professional, dresses appropriately and must make the client feel at ease. If they can do that they will fail as a hypnotherapist. If insurance starts to cover hypnosis across the country there will be a great outlook for hypnotherapists! And great change for society!