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How is the large quantity of garbage affecting the world?


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there is a bunch of waste no were to put it. it will pollute the water and air of the world


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Garbage overload is affect the world because it uses about 80 percent of the world's natural resources. Another way it's affect the world is that when most of the garbage that is thrown out can be recycled, it continues to pile up every day and filling up the landfills.

Aids is affecting our world by spreading it knowing you have it and not doing anything about it.

In a large enough quantity it can. If everyone smoked at the same time everyday the world would be covered in smog in no time.

About 120,000 pounds of garbage are produced each day at Disney World.

this answer is not in the world

Everyone in the world has a garbage collection and really does not matter if you are famous or not. To not have your garbage collected would be consider unsanitary to some and hoarding to others.

No, it is the best game in the world!

in the foods we eat, for example bannanas contain a large quantity of potassium.or fertilizers. in industries, fertilizers are used to grow plants.

sentence is make no sense.

The biggest thing mountains do is block weather and humidity from traveling across an area. There are desterts in the world that would not be if it were not for A large mountain range between them and the ocean.

Although Switzerland is highly acclaimed for its spotless and well maintained landscape, it is actually has the highest production of garbage in the world. One would never know this, as they have a series of large cows that serve the purpose of garbage disposal units. Since cows have 5 stomachs, they can digest basically anything. The cows then expel the garbage from their bodies in the form of manure, and this then becomes ground, or is used as fertilizer.

it is good for the environment to throw garbage.

a bid landfill which is full of garbage

Yes, bio-degrading garbage produces methane, a dangerous greenhouse gas. Many landfills around the world are trying to capture this methane and use it to generate electricity. Not many are doing it successfully. Pig farms are trying to do the same with their large amounts of animal waste.

Technology is affecting the Information Technology world because Information Technology affects technology because the word, technology is within Information Technology.

 Vertical elevation accuracy not as accurate as using conventional survey level and rod technique.  Horizontal coordinates are calculated on a rectangular grid system. However, the real world should be based on a spheroid and rectangular coordinates must be transformed to geographic coordinates if projects are large scale.  Examples : highways, large buildings, etc.  As with any computer-based application "Garbage in equals Garbage out". However, in the case of inaccurate construction surveys "Garbage in equals lawsuits and contractors claims for extras."

If you don't litter the world will glitter

It causes wars, and a lot of catastrophic things.

The same way or the 3rd world will have kind people who do not dump garbage

the garbage may go in the ocean the beach ,lakes,rivers or it can float all over and stay at the sand at the beach. or people at Miami dade community center can help picking up the garbage and recycle the garbage ,then they would help the planet.

you'll get in trouble and it counts as destroying the world

The sun causes the weather that is on the earth by affecting the general heat of the world and also by affecting the amount of rain and water that is made.

The depletion of ozone is affecting various parts. The one's near poles are most affected. Antarctica has an ozone hole.

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