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ok so poppy is dispersed by wind :)))))

by harriet

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How is allamanda seed dispersed?

How is a allamanda seed dispersed

How is ash seed dispersed?

how is ash seed dispersed Answer. The seed of the Ash tree is normally dispersed on the wind.

What are poppy seeds?

Poppy seed is an all natural oil seed that is obtained from the opium called poppy. Poppy seed is typically used for baking.

Is poppy seed paste the same as poppy seed filling?


How is tulip fruit or seed dispersed?

The seed is dispersed by wind and the fruit is dispersed by animal.

What is a poppy seed?

A poppy seed which is a seed that grows it's plant very fast

How is a yew seed dispersed?

A yew seed is dispersed when it is eaten by an animal.

How are acacia seed dispersed?


What poppy seeds are used for poppy seed tea?

The papaver somniferum, aka opium poppy, aka bread seed, aka spice rack poppy seed..

How are lime seed dispersed?

it is said that lime seed are dispersed by wind and animals

How a pond iris seed is dispersed?

A pond iris has seed that is dispersed by water.

Is a poppy seed a carbohydrate?

No, it is not. Carbohydrates are derived from grains, whereas a poppy seed is a "seed" (like a "nut").

How is Bramble seed dispersed?

they are dispersed by the animals

How is yellow iris seed is dispersed?

After the seed pods explode, the seeds are dispersed by water.

Can dogs eat poppy seed muffins?

No, poppy seed muffins.......bad idea

Which plant does poppy seed come from?

Poppy seed comes from the plant that is similar to opium.

How is the linden seed dispersed?

They are usually dispersed by the wind.

How are a lychees seed dispersed?

water it is dispersed by water

How do you spell lemon-poppy seed?

Lemon Poppy Seed John Wayn is Awsome

How is the pond iris seed dispersed?

The seeds are dispersed by water.

What is the seed dispersal of the tulip?

The seed is dispersed by wind.

Which sequence represents the order of development for many plants?

(1) seed develops inside fruit → seed is dispersed → seed germinates → plant grows (2) seed is dispersed → seed develops inside fruit → seed germinates → plant grows (3) seed germinates → plant grows → seed is dispersed → seed develops inside fruit (4) seed is dispersed → plant grows → seed germinates → seed develops inside fruit The answer is number 1.

Does poppy seed contain cocaine?

Poppy seed is used to make cocaine so it is the other way around.

How is the seed of a safflower dispersed?


How is teasel seed dispersed?


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