How is the salinity of ocean water different from dead sea water?

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The salinity in isolated seas and salt-water lakes (for example, the Dead Sea) can be considerably greater. SO there's a high salinity in the Dead Sea. :D
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The average salinity of ocean water is what?

Salinity of the ocean water is defined as the dissolved saltcontent in a body of water. The salinity of the ocean is 3.5%, thesalinity increases as you approach the equator and decreases as youapproach the poles.

What is the relationship between the water temperature in ocean and salinity?

the deeper into the ocean you go, the colder the water gets. the water also gets more dense, which means a higher salinity. so in this case, the salinity increases as the temperature decreases. but the surface salinity also increases in areas close to the equator (hotter air). this happens because t ( Full Answer )

How does the water cycle affect the salinity of the ocean?

Actually it's more like the salinity affecting the water cycle. Water evaporation is happening constantly, and the rate at which it's evaporating or its volatility that is to say depends on the pressure of the atmosphere. Water boiling point happens when the pressure of the atmosphere is equal ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between saline water and brackish water?

The main difference between the two terms is the salinity, presence of salts in water Saline water is more salty as compare to the brackish water. Brackish water has a TDS(Total Dissolves Solids) upto 10,000 ppm. while Saline water has a TDS more then 10,000 ppm. Sea water is more salty then Saline ( Full Answer )

How does salinity affect ocean water?

Salinity also has an affect on ocean currents. Near Iceland, if the ocean is not salty enough, the water can't get dense enough to sink. As global warming melts ice in places like greenland, the water gets fresher and sinks slower. this could slow or stop the gulfstream, or perhaps just redirect it ( Full Answer )

What happens to salinity when when ocean water is frozen?

You will notice at the opposite poles of the globe large sheets of ice. This is primarily sea water that has frozen. Oddly enough, the ice at the poles is fresh, that is non-salty. Salt lowers the freezing point of water, but does not prevent it. The water crystallizes on the near molecular level, s ( Full Answer )

How does the water cycle effect the salinity in the ocean?

Actually it's more like the salinity affecting the water cycle. Water evaporation is happening constantly, and the rate at which it's evaporating or its volatility that is to say depends on the pressure of the atmosphere. Water boiling point happens when the pressure of the atmosphere is equal ( Full Answer )

What process increases the salinity of ocean water?

Usually evaporation, but keep in mind that when water freezes (like the polar ice areas) the water molecules tend to crystallize with only water molecules, which pushes other stuff like salt out, resulting in higher salinity in the water that is left. A fascinating side article is in the link below. ( Full Answer )

How does ocean salinity affect the density and movement of water?

Get your mom's permission to waste salt before trying this-- An easy experiment can show you about the effects of salinity. Get a large glass bowl and large container of salt. And get a wooden spoon. Have paper and pencil for notes. Experiment 1 Start off with putting several cups of warm water ( Full Answer )

Where is the salinity of ocean water lowest?

Arctic Ocean Because... The Arctic Ocean is so cold. so let's say that we have a kilogram container were going to fill it in with salt water let's say we put one kilogram in it.What we do is we let the salt sun shine on it then the water will go away, 1 kg=1,000 milometers of water you would b ( Full Answer )

Why is ocean water different from fresh water?

Ocean water contains salt and fresh water does not. Also, the two types of water are filled with a different variety of animals, both visable and microscopic.

How do you explain the peculiarity on the salinity of sea water and similarly for the hardness of water?

Although the question is very badly written and hence not easy to work out the meaning of, I assume the peculiarity referred to is that seawater and hard waters are similar. If so, there is no peculiarity at all; it is what we expect. Both contain higher than normal levels of dissolved salts, so the ( Full Answer )

What is in dead sea water?

The dead sea water has large salt deposits, which make it the saltiest sea in the world.

What is the difference in sterile water and sterile saline?

Sterile water is clean water without any other chemicals added. Sterile Saline is a solution of 0.9% Sodium Chloride used for would irrigation and cleaning. Both are used for cleaning wounds. Lets take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of both of them: 0.9% Sodium Chloride Saline is th ( Full Answer )

How does salinity of ocean water change with temperature?

Temperature and salinity are related to pressure and density through the seawater equation of state. This is an empirically derived formula, as no theoretically-derived closed form solution is known. A linear approximation for small variations around the mean density (rho_0) can be written (from ( Full Answer )

Is Dead Sea water good for health?

A number of medical studies in people suggest that soaking in water from the Dead Sea may be beneficial in the treatment of various diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis , psoriatic arthritis, and osteoarthritis of the knees

What causes the difference in salinity of water in the ocean?

salinity of ocean water depends upon many causes,but the main cause is continuous movement of ocean water from one place to other due to rotation of earth nd winds which takes water here nd there causing change in salinity of ocean water

What does the salinity of the ocean water depend on?

the pH levels and acidosis which are determined by how often specific people such as justin beiber ejaculate into the ocean. due to his age and pre-puberty signs, it is evident that this man's balls have not yet dropped so i wouldnt worry about it.

Why can't you drink water of the dead sea?

You can't drink the dead sea water because one drink you will feel that you are going to spit the water out . A few second later , you will soon started to vomit . So, what happen if you drink to much water of dead sea ? Firstly , you will vomit a lot or stomach pain. Secondly , you wi ( Full Answer )

Can you walk on the dead sea water?

Unless you are divine, you won't be able to walk on the dead sea water. It is so dense, however, that you will not be able to sink.

What causes the increase of salinity of the ocean water?

Well, Salinity is the measure of dissolved salts and in the ocean they're already there , ( not artificial) but near a warm tropical ocean or really anywhere where there is no more water coming in, then its fine. Hope I helped

How does salinity affect the density of the ocean water?

Less dense water floats on top of more dense water. Given twolayers of water with the same salinity, the warmer water will floaton top of the colder water. There is one catch though! Temperaturehas a greater effect on the density of water than salinity does.