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When Anne loves the poor Captain Wentworth and wants to marry him. She ispersuaded by her family friend Lady Russell to end the relationship, because he is not very rich. That's why the title is appropriate...

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When was Persuasion - novel - created?

Persuasion - novel - was created in 1818.

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I would say yest, Persuasion is a romantic novel, very much so, in fact.

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When referred to in another piece of writing, the title of a novel gets underlined.

What novel of Jane Austen was published posthumously?

Persuasion and Northanger Abbey.

How does the title of the novel relate to the theme of the novel?

Generally there is some connection with the protagonist or plot but quite often the title has no connection to either.

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The title comes from what you've written -- write the novel first. The publisher is probably going to change the title anyhow, so don't waste time trying to come up with some perfect title.

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the title is appropriate for the story because the narrator would have seen the girls face pretty face whos voice fantazied him.

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Titles tell you a little bit about what the novel is about. They give you hints that help you decide whether you want to read the novel or not.