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There is no clinical "virginity test". There is no positive way to be sure whether someone is a virgin or not. The only thing you really have to go on is their word. There is usually a tight band of flesh around the opening of the vaginal canal in females called the hymen (HI-men), but this is not necessarily an indicator of virginity since some girls are born with the absence of a hymen and yet others may have theirs damaged or broken from normal everyday things such as stretching, exercising, riding a bicycle, running, gymnastics and so on... Masturbation may also cause a hymen to break, and masturbation does not make one lose their virginity. Also, with males there is no way to tell at all. So again, there is no such thing as a "clinical virginity test". You just have to trust them and take their word on it.

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Q: How is the virginity test result from clinic look like?
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