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How is tons measured in the metric system?

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in metric system, 1 ton is equal to a 1000 kilograms.hope that helps

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In the metric system, length is measured in meters.

In the metric system, temperature is measured on the Celsius scale.

Volume is measured in Litres in the metric system

The unit for volume in the metric system is liters.

It is measured in gradient which is measured in the metric system!

There is no metric measure for money.

Rainfall is measured in millimetres.

Yes, the Metric System has units for the measurement of weight...

volume of solids is measured in cubic meter. it is the best metric system to measure volume

Dry metric tons are metric tons without moisture. 100 metric tons at 10% moisture = 90 dry metric tons. The formula is metric tons equals dry metric tons less moisture.

it is metric !! The weight of a dog is measured by using the metric system

The unit for volume in the metric system is Liters.

Temperature is measured in the metric system using degrees Celsius (centigrade).

To convert metric tons to net tons (or, simply, tons), multiply your metric tons by 1.1023. For example, 4 metric tons equals 4.4092 net tons.

135,000 tons is 122,470 metric tons.

A metric ton is 0.907185 of a ton. That gives you 11.79 metric tons.

length is measured in metres.

Just about anything that can be measured.

In metric measures, mass is measured in grams, kilograms and tonnes. In imperial measures, mass is measured in ounces, pounds, stone and tons.

2.75 tons is 5500 lbs, in U.S. measurement, because our ton weighs 2000 lbs. A metric ton is 1000 kilograms (about 2204.6 lbs), so if measured in metric tons, 2.75 tons weighs about 6062.6 lbs.

100,000 metric tons is 110,230 tons.

19,500,000 tons = 17,690,102.4 metric tons.