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Without trust relationship doesn't exist.

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Q: How is trust important in a relationship?
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Why is trust important in relationships?

Trust is the most important thing in a relationship, it is the relationship. Without trust your relationship will fall apart. You don't know what will happen! Trust and love makes a great relationship.

What is most important in a relationship?


What is the most important part of a relationship?

Trust, honesty. Without that, there is no relationship.

Why is human relationship important?

its important that you have somebody to tell ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to. someone you can trust and laugh with... with a relationship you can live longer

What is more important in a relationship truth or trust?

They are both important. You need to always tell them the truth that way they can know they can trust you but if you get caught in a lie then the trust goes down.

Is trust important in a relationship?

Definitely! You can't maintain a healthy relationship if you don't trust your partner! Trust is (in my opinion) the most important part of being with someone! Whether it's a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship or family, you must trust each other! Don't listen to people who only care about kissing and sex and all! They don't know anything!

Is it important to start a relationship?

It is important to start a relationship. Relationships help to create lastings bonds and friendships. Establishing a relationship also helps to gain trust.

Should you trust your partner?

You should trust your partner! trust is one of the most important signs in a relationship but if he was not trust worthy theres no point being with him/her

What if your in a long distance relationship and he doesnt trust you what can you do for him to trust you?

Talk to him a lot! Don't mention other guys, and when you do have the time to be able to talk, don't be in a rush. The most important thing in a relationship is trust, so if he can't trust you to not go out with other guys, then you may have to end the relationship.

What is the basis for a good relationship?

The basis for any good relationship is trust. Being able to count on your friends and significant other is important. Any relationship that is missing the element of trust will not last long.

Why is it important to have a good relationship?

A good relationship fulfills your needs. It provides you with support, socialization, trust, and affection.

Why is it important to develop a professional trusting relationship with someone in your care and how?

if you are in a relation with someone it is very important to trust him/her because to attain love and have a relationship with him / her you have to understand and trust is the equivalent of understanding from an 11 year old

What is the most important value in a relationship?

Trust, respect, monogamy and communication.

Why the faithfulness important in friendships?

Without trust any relationship is doomed.

What do you think is important for a healthy relationship?

Love, trust, sincerity,and fulfilling

Why is emotional stability important in a relationship?

Okay this is coming from my perspective you do not have emotional stability in a long term relationship then you have nothing. You have to trust the person in order to have a successful marriage. If not then you can never be comfortable with them or trust them because you are not secure in your relationship. Emotional stability is just as important as financial stability if not more.

What is it called when trust in a relationship is broken?

It can be termed dishonesty. Honesty is very important, it forms part of the foundation of a relationship.

Why is trust important for relationships?

i totally agree trust is having faith in is a commonly used word,without trust a relationship can not happen okkk! siyah i totally agree trust is having faith in is a commonly used word,without trust a relationship can not happen okkk! siyah

How do you have a great relationship?

I have been in alot of relationships,and what I found out is that trust is the key. If you dont have trust in your relationship, then there is no point of even having a relationship. Ttrust is the most important thing you have- to be able to trust the person you are with. That is easy to say but it can be really had to do, but you have to try, and hope they care about you enough not to hurt you.

Is it OK to have single male friends when you are in a serious relationship?

Yes it is okay to have single male friends in a serious relationshipbecause one of the most important things to have in a serious relationship is trustand you should trust your partner or they should trust you to be just friends with other men

What is the most important element in a relationship?

You can't say there's one exceptional element that makes a relationship last but amongst the few that matter I suppose apart from love, Trust is very important. When you trust someone you wouldn't worry what they do when they are not with you, who they speak with and what they speak about, if they love and care for you and the list on this virtue is endless,,,,,,when you trust someone, you tend to have a piece of mind and a healthy relationship that grow simultaneously too.

How can lies effect a good marriage?

* A bond of trust is extremely important in a good relationship. You should not only be lovers, but friends. If an individual breaks that trust then there isn't much left of the relationship because their mate will find it extremely difficult to trust again.

What is a relationship without trust?

Its really not a relationship if there is no trust. That is a relationship based on lies

What is the important quality in a relationship?

* Mutual respect * Honesty * Trust * Good communication If you are looking for an intimate relationship, that special 'chemistry' too. :)

Why was it important for the french to have a good relationship with the first nations?

It was important for the french to have full trust because then they can show how power full they are.

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