How is ultraviolent radiation dangerous?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Ultraviolet is ionising radiation. That means that it will ionise (turn into ions) some substances due to being a high energy form of electromagnetic radiation. If these 'substances' happen to be in your skin then you can start to see how UV radiation can be bad.

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Q: How is ultraviolent radiation dangerous?
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What can cause auroras and disrupts satellite transmission?

ultraviolent radiation

What causes auroras and disrupts satellite transmissions?

ultraviolent radiation

Where do background ultraviolent radiation come form?

If you are referring to 3k background radiation, the Big Bang.

What does ultraviolent radiation originate from?

UV originate from sun. these are high frequency rays.

Which gases absorb ultraviolent radiation?

The gas which absorb ultraviolet radiation is ozone. It absorbs the harmful Uv radiations from the sun.

How does ozone protect us from ultraviolent radiation?

Ozone in stratosphere helps to absorb the UV rays. These are the harmful rays of the sun.

What are the gases called that block the cycle in the ozone layer that absorbs ultraviolent radiation?

CFC's are the products. They react with ozone to deplete it.

What is the number one preventable cause of cancer?

It depends what type of caner: Lung: avoid smoking or toxic fumes Skin: Ultraviolent radiation etc.

Is it dangerous to be around radiation patients?

When sick people are treated with radiation, that does not make them radioactive. Radiation is dangerous, but radiation patients are not.

Are alpha radiation dangerous?

Any electromagnetic radiation can be dangerous. Alpha waves are higher on the radiation scale than x-rays so yes, they are dangerous.

A gas in the stratosphere that helps to protect earth from ultraviolent radiation?

The gas in stratosphere which helps to protect earth from ultraviolet radiations is ozone. It is present as ozone layer in the atmosphere.

What is ultraviolent radiation?

Ulraviolet radiation is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum extending from the violet end of visible light to the X-ray region.Ultraviolet (UV) radiation lies between wavelengths of about 400 nanometres and 10 nanometres, corresponding to frequencies of 7.5 × 1014 Hz to 3 × 1016 Hz.