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Because when you have feelings, your feelings come alive to become the greatest piece of history in the submarine. It also helps because science is just an alternative to religion such as catholic or lemon.

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Q: How is using remote sensing more reliable and valuable for collecting data?
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Way of collecting information from a distance with satellite or other devices?

remote sensing

The process of collecting data about earth from far above earths surface?

Remote sensing.

Importance of remote sensing in civil engineering?

remote sensing

When was Remote Sensing Center created?

Remote Sensing Center was created in 2006-09.

Active and passive remote sensing?

Remote sensing transmits energy that allows an image to be formed. Passive remote sensing collects energy that is reflected or emitted from a surface.

When was Indian Institute of Remote Sensing created?

Indian Institute of Remote Sensing was created in 1966.

When was Pakistan Remote Sensing Satellite created?

Pakistan Remote Sensing Satellite was created in 2011.

What is a observation of earth remote-sensing satellite?

Explain how the remote sensing satellites examined the earth from the space?

What is passive remote sensing?

Passive remote sensing means that the energy being collected is being provided by the environment in which you are collecting. Examples of this type of remote sensing include things as simple as taking a picture with a handheld visible spectrum camera or taking a thermal image of a person's body temperature. Active remote sensing on the other hand involves transmitting energy, allowing that energy to reflect off of the surrounding environment, and then recollecting that energy using a sensor. Examples of this type of remote sensing include sonar devices used by ships and imaging systems that use the returns from laser energy to form an image.

What are some non-satellite remote sensing technology?

What are some non-satellite remote sensing technology?

What is term for the process of gathering information through images taken at a distance?

Remote sensing

How is active remote sensing different from passive remote sensing?

Passive remote sensing picks up wave lengths of the light spectrum occurring on their own such light in photography. Active remote sensing will send out a wavelength of the spectrum and measure how it bounces back like radar.