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Q: How is your hand cold when you put it on an iron railing?
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What do you do if you burned your hand?

put your hand under cold runing water

How do you put railings on connecting stairs in the sims 2?

After you put the stair where you want them to be there is a little tool that kind of looks like a stair railing you click on that and you put the railing on. I hope that helps happy simming.

How do you wash a scarf?

put it in the washing machine then iron it! or hand wash it

Make your hand go numb?

put hands in cold water

Why is it that when you put the left in cold water and the right hand in hot water and take both out and put them normal water why does the left hand feel hot and the right feel cold?

If you have a heated item and put it in a normal temperature water, it feels cold because the hot water may feel so hot that it is cold. It's the opposite for the cold item.

A women burned her hand in the lunchroom You should?

put her hand in cold water or put ice in it

What precaution are taken for hot water burn?

put your hand in cold water

How do you put icicle in a sentence?

Johnny broke the icicle off the railing to show his mom.

Why do you put steak on your black-eye?

because the iron in the steak helps the swelling go down.

How can you put the word railing in a sentence?

if you feel you need assistance walking up the steps try holding onto the railing to keep your balance and continue walking up the steps independently.

How do you put the word clinging in a sentence?

The pirate was desperately clinging to the outside of the railing when the cannon was fired.

What do you do when you have burnt your self on the iron?

Remember to turn the iron off then run your burned hand under cold water until the pain subsides. If the burn is very bad then you should seek medical attention for it.Put ice on it. Works