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Knowing simple multiplication facts can help with division of greater numbers because you will be familiar with how many times numbers can be put into other numbers. Once you know multiplication, division is easy.

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Q: How knowing simple multiplacation facts can help you with divosions with greater numbers?
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What is a multiplacation problem using the numbers 45 and 17?

45 times 17.

What is the definition of multiplacation inverse?

Basically, if numbers "a" and "b" are multiplicative inverses, it means that their product is equal to 1.

How do you solve a scale factor problem?

cross multiplacation. put the 3 numbers into fractions and than multiply the 2 diagnol numbers then divide by the third.

How do you solve 2 decimal numbers using multiplacation?

Multiply the numbers, count the total number of decimal places in the problem and place that many in your product.

Why are the least common multiple always bigger than the numbers given?

because it is going up and multiplacation is the shortcut of addition.

What are the numbers called in a multiplacation problem?

multiplier times multiplicand equals product or multiplicand times multiplier equals product

Write a multiplacation equation with prime numbers that equals the given product of 84?

2 x 2 x 3 x 7 = 84

How many different numbers between 2 to 100 satisfy all three what conditions 1. The number is not a prime number. 2. The number is not divisible by a perfect square greater than one.?

There's no way of knowing which numbers satisfy all three conditions without knowing the third condition.

In order from greatest to least which will go first 7 or -5?


What is the name for number that are greater than zero?

numbers greater than 0 are called positive numbers

Why On a number line Which numbers are greater?

Numbers become greater proceeding to the right.

What numbers are greater on a number line?

the number on the right is the greater of two numbers