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How large does a bathroom have to be for a tub?

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Standard home tubs are 5 ft long. If the rough opening is 5 ft, you can slip in a tub. There are some mobile home tubs that are even smaller.

ANS 2 - I've seen bathrooms as small as 7x7 feet with tub, toilet and sink/vanity.

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What is bathroom fixtures?

Bathroom fixtures are the tub, sink, toilet, bidet and faucets.

How much to add a tub in bathroom?


What is a one-and-a-half bathroom?

A bathroom would have a toilet-sink-tub and or shower. A half bath has a toilet maybe a sink but no tub or shower.

What causes toilet to empty bathroom tub to gurgle when laundry room tub is emptying?

A mainline stoppage.

Can garden tubs be installed in a pre-existing bathroom?

A garden tub can be installed in a pre-existing bathroom. You have to remove the pre-existing bathtub and install the garden tub.

What is the average square feet for a master bathroom?

a typical master bathroom is 15X17. depending on tub size.

What areas in the US did Henry Hudson explore?

Your Mommas Bathroom and tub. His own Mommas bathroom and tub, and finally Tennesee where all the hicks and hillbillies live and worship tom petty

What is a 4 piece bathroom?

it has a toilet, sink, shower and tub. (if it has a shower stall and no tub it is called a 3 piece)

What type of contractor will perform fiberglass tub repair?

Most contractors of this type call themselves "bathroom remodelers" or refinishers. Despite the connotation of totally remodeling a bathroom, they repair bathroom fixtures, too. Most bathrooms contractor will perform fiberglass tub repair. Another type of contractor who perform fiberglass tub repair is refinishing contractors.

What is a six piece bathroom?

2 sinks, toilet, shower, tub, bide,

What do you do during a tornado indoors?

hide in your bathroom! inside your tub will be the best place

How do you buy a hot tub in sims freeplay iPod?

Tap the button at the top of the 3 dots,bathroom and find the bath tub you want

What is the difference between restroom and bathroom?

rest room: toilet and a sink bathroom: toilet, sink and a shower or a bathing tub sometimes both

What is the difference between a washroom and a bathroom?

Generally, a washroom has a sink and toilet. A bathroom has a sink, toilet and tub. But the words are often used interchangeably.

I have a son with cp how could I get our bathroom repaired so we could get him in the tub easier?

we have a son with cp, how can we get our bathroom upgraded for hadicapped from a government grant?

What bathroom items start with the letter w?

Wall... Window Washcloth Wash tub

What is the standard height for a shower tub regulator valve?

32" off the bathroom floor

What does the word sink mean?

A kitchen or bathroom washing tub, or when a boat goes to the bottom

How do you stop the pipes from rattling when turning on hot water in bathroom tub?

Install anti-hammer arrestor in hot water line at tub. It should help.

Unclog a bathroom tub drain?

1/4 "- 1/8 " snake with a retriving head

What is a 2 piece bathroom?

Generally called a half bath. Sink and toilet, no tub or shower.

Is it bad to dump old fish water in the bathroom tub?

yes it molds and stinks. yuck!

How do you prepare for the tornado?

The best thing for you to do is , to hide you and your kids in a bathroom tub or a basement .With flashlights and batteies!

Can I install a walk-in tub shower in my own home?

Yes. Tub showers can be placed in any bathroom where there is sufficient room. Just make sure to properly install and caulk the tub before running the water.

What is the average weight of a standard hot tub cover?

An average hot tub cover weighs 20lbs. This can vary depending on how large the hot tub is.