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Over 700 students were in Bella Swan's junior class at her high school in Phoenix, Arizona.

Not even half that number makes up the entire student population at the high school to which Bella transfers in Forks, Washington. Before enrollment, the Forks student population totaled 357. So Bella has to learn how to get along in a very small school in a very small town. Her previous life in a big school in the big city of Phoenix is no preparation for such challenges. But the transition is eased by the fact that she is the only child of the Forks' Sheriff, Charlie Swan.

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In the book 'Twilight', Bella Swan's junior class in Phoenix, Arizona, has around 700 students.

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Q: How large is Bella Swan's junior class in Phoenix Arizona in 'Twilight'?
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What town did Bella come from in Twilight?

She came from Phoenix, Arizona.

In twilight where did Bella first live?

Bella first lived in Phoenix, Arizona before moving to Forks, Washington to live with her father.

In Twilight where did Bella live before moving to Forks?

Bella lived in Phoenix, Arizona with her mother. That's why she went back there when James was tracking her!

In the movie twilight where did Bella Swan live befor she moved to Forks Washington?

In phoenix,Arizona

What is the street name for Bella's house in Twilight since the address is 184?

1841 twilight stinks rd. Phoenix, Arizona 93876

In twilight where did Bella used to live before she lived with her father?

she lived in phoenix, Arizona with her mom and Phil

Is Bella a senior in the first twilight book?

No, Bella is a junior in high school in the first Twilight book.

In the book twilight what school does Bella go to?

Bella and Edward go to the prom at the end of twilight the book. Right after they get back from phoenix. -Chelsey B

Where is the setting in the first book of twilight?

it starts out in Phoenix, Arizona then as Bella moves in with her dad it goes into forks, Washington

What was the total student population at Bella Swan's school in Phoenix Arizona in 'Twilight'?

Three thousand (3,000) was the total student population at Bella Swan's school in Phoenix, Arizona.Of that number, over 700 students were in Bella's junior class. So it really is an experience in downsizing when Bella moves to Forks, Washington. Specifically, she becomes the 358th student at Forks High School.

What does Bella Swan carry when she leaves Phoenix Arizona for Forks Washington in 'Twilight'?

A parka is Bella Swan's carry-on for the flight from Phoenix, Arizona to Forks, Washington in "Twilight."Specifically, the weather is sunny, hot and cloudless at the Phoenix airport. But Bella knows that her favorite, sleeveless shirt of white eyelet lace will be no protection against the cool, overcast or rainy weather that will greet her in Forks. Forks receives more rain than any other place in the United States.

Where did Bella's mom move in the twilight book?

Bella Swan from "Twilight" lives with her dad in a little, rainy town in Washington called Forks.