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Earth is the laregst of the four stony planets and smaller than any of the 5 gas planets. The Link shows the size comparison more dramatically.

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Is Earth large?

no, not compared to other planets around us. Think about it.

Is mercury large or small?

Compared to other planets, yes it is small. But compared to a house, no, it is very large...

Is the moon the same size as moons of the other terrestrial planets?

No. The Moon is large compared to Earth. Almost all other moons are much smaller relative to the planets they orbit.

Why are jupiter saturn uranus and neptune called gas giants?

These planets are mainly made from Hydrogen and Helium and are very large when compared to Earth and other inner planets.

How big is mercury compared to the other planets?

compared to earth in km.,earth is 123,106,000 km. bigger than mercury.

What does the shape of the earth look like?

Earth is more of an oval compared to all the other planets.

How large is Saturn compared to other planets?

Saturn is the second largest planet in the solar system and has a diameter about 50 times bigger than the Earth.

How big is Neptune compared to the other planets?

it is four times the size as earth

What is earth compared to to the other planets?

it is the 5th largest planet in our solar system

What is the gravity like on other planets compared to earth?

the gravity on other planets is different than that on Earth. For example, the gravity on Mercury is 38 percent of that on Earth. The gravity on Saturn is 91 percent of that on Earth.

Does earth have the most gravity compared to the other planets?

No. Of the planets in this solar system, Jupiter, by far, has the strongest gravity.

Is Earth a small planet?

Compared to some other planets in the same galaxy, yes; it is actually fractions of the size of other planets in this galaxy

What is unique about the earth compared to other planets?

Earth is littered with green vegetation, vast oceans, many rivers and streams, large land masses, ice caps, mountains, and deserts. No other planet (that we know) has these features.

What is any large mass?

Earth, the Moon, the Sun, other planets.

Does earth have strong or weak gravity?

Because of Earth's size, and considering it as one of the smallest planets, it has a weak gravity compared to the OTHER planets. Most planets have greater gravity because of their size. Earth has a stronger gravity compared to mars, mercury, and venus.

Does the earth rotate like the other planets?

Yes the Earth does rotate like the other planets (except for the distance of the rotation(assuming your talking about the rotation around the Sun); the wobble of the Earths axis compared to other planets; and the time it takes to rotate)

What is naeptune's surface gravity compared to earth?

When compared to the surface gravity of Earth, Neptune has approximately 14% more gravitational pull. This is a small difference when compared to other planets in the solar system.

Why is Earth A bad place.?

It's actually pretty nice compared to all the other planets.

What is unusual about the sun compared to other stars?

Because it has planets orbiting it (such as Earth, Jupiter and Mars)

Are dwarf planets small?

They are small compared to other planets but big compared to us.

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