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Q: How lava creates geothermal heat?
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What are the sources of heat the helps the metamorphic rock to form?

Usually geothermal energy. Sometimes the heat from volcanic lava.

What type of source does geothermal energy need to be near?

Heat from lava or magma possibly a volcano

Local geothermal energy from Mt Vesuvius?

Mt. Vesuvius produces geothermal energy. It uses the heat of the magma and the lava, along with ash and gases.

How does Mt Vesuvius produce geothermal energy?

Mt. Vesuvius produces geothermal energy by the heat of the magma and lava, ash and gases. I hope this helps:)

Heat energy coming from inside earth heat from volcanoes or geysers?


Can we use lava as a fuel source?

Kinda-sorta. Lava in itself is just rock that hasn't cooled yet. And burning rocks as fuel hasn't worked out that well. But if there is lava, then there is heat. And a geothermal power plant can use that heat for energy.

How is geothermal energy used by man?

because it is warm water that travel to heat the earth and it creates electricity

Is volcano a type of geothermal energy?

The volcano may not be a type of geothermal energy but lava is surely a type of geothermal energy.

Is solar power part of geothermal energy?

Well geothermal energy is heat from the earth so for example some places use steam to power there place and some use the lava from valcanoes so they power there place. I think that solar power is part of geothermal power becase geothermal is heat from earth converted into electricity to power houses and solar power is from earth.

Heat engery coming from inside the earth?

no. the sun creates heat and it goes on\in. when it goes in. lava goes in earth. that's why in the beach when you dig there's hot water.when it goes out in creates people to loose energy

What are the sources of the heat that help metamorphic rock form?

The origin of the heat that creates metamorphic rock can be from friction caused by colliding plates, but by far the vast majority of the heat has originated in Earth's interior, caused by radioactive decay, remnant heat from Earth's formation, and pressure. And butt trolol

Who invented the geothermal heat pump?

Jose Vallejo invented the Geothermal Heat pump