How light travles?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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light does not travle it may glow or look like it is coming to you it also depends on how far u are from the light.

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Q: How light travles?
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How does electricity travel from one place to another?

Electricity usually travles through wires, but it can also travle through short spaces in the air.

Sound travles best in what medium?

the denser the medium, the better so a solid is the best.for example, a iron is 16* better than air.

Why does a spoon or pencil placed in a glass of water appear to be bent to broken?

Light always travles in the the path with the shortest possible time ,from A to B say.Light travles slower in water than in air.Now, take this analogy (thanks to Richard Feynman):Imagine you are a life guard and you want to save a drowning man further along the beach. You obviously want to get there in the shortest time. Should you run to the shore, and swim to him all in a straight diagonal line? Or should you travel all the way to him on the beach and then swim perpendicularlly towards him? Remeber that you are slower in water than on the beach (just like the light).The answer is, that the shortest route is somewhere in between these two, and so you should go in a slightly bent path to go in the shortest time.Since you are like the light, in that you are slower in one medium than the other in this analogy, then the light will also bend as it enters water, hence the distortion of a spoon in a glass of lemonade.Really hope this helps.

Why does Sound travel faster through air than through wood?

It doesn't, sound travels faster through wood. The more dense the material the better the sound carries. Because wood is more dense than a gas such as oxygen the sound travles faster through the wood.

Why does sound travel slowest though glass?

because glass is more dense, meaning the particles are more tightly together, because its a solid. sound travles fastest through gas because gases arnt very dense, their particles arent so tightly put together, so its easier for the sound waves to get through

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What travles at the speed of light?

All electromagnetic radiation does, and nothing else does.

What do you use to measure space?

one way is how far light travles in a year , (light years)

Light bends when it travels through water?

true, it does bend when it travles through water.

What energy comes from the sun and travles to earth?

Mainly electromagnetic waves, such as light.

What dos roby ray do?

he travles

A person who travles a holy place?

A pilgrim

What are some works by Jonathan Swift?

gullivers travles

If light travles 300000 km s how long does light reflected from mars take to reach earth when mars is 65000000 km away?

It is 65000000/300000 = 216.6 seconds. That comes to be 3 minutes and 36.6 seconds.

What rate does light travel through space at?

299792458 metres per second 299792.458 kilometres per second

Which particle is a very energetic particle that travles around the nucleus?

the electron

Who w rote gullviers travles?

what is the leading cause of pwc accidents

Why is pitbull called mr worldwide?

He travles all over the world so he is called Mr.WORLDwide. :)