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Your Birth Control stays effective until you stop using it.

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Q: How long after my period is my birth control effective?
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How long do you have to wait for birth control to be MOST effective before you have sex...I have heard a week to three months?

Birth control is the most effective when you've been on it for 4 weeks and finished your first period. My doctor says 3 months.

If you skip a couple of days on your birth control pills how long does it take for your period to get back on schedule?

I don't know how long it will take you because every women is different and it depends on how long you were on birth control, but if it seems like it is taking a long time you should test. Birth control pills are 98-99% effective and that is only when you take them everyday at around the same time. If you miss days, they become less effective. I was on birth control pills and took them everyday at the same time and got pregnnt.

Can you get pregnant if your on birth control but you started your period a week early and the condom broke?

No birth control is 100% effective. It is highly unlikely to get pregnant as long as you are on birth control, but something with a success rate of 99.99% still means that 1 out of every 10000 people will get pregnant on it.

How long does it take for the birth control pill to be 100 percent effective?

Birth control pills can never be considered 100% effective, im 12 and i no that

How long does it take your body to adjust to birth control?

It takes a month for birth control to become effective and for your body to adjust to it.

Is your birth control still in effect after your period if you're on the pill?

As long as you have not skipped any pills and start the new packet on time, yes the pill is effective every day during and after your period.

Can birth control make your period really long?

Not usually. They make then lighter and not as long.

How long do you get your period for after you take birth control?

When you take birth control pills, you will have your period arriving during the 7 days break. During this time your period may last between 2-7 days.

How long after re insererting the Nuva ring after your period will it be effective again?

It is effective immediately. The ring works just like the birth control pills. Except instead of taking non-active pills that week you take out the nuvaring for a week.

When you finish nursing a child do you have to wait to get your period to start birth control?

As long as you aren't nursing anymore, you can start whenever, here's the catch. If you start your birth control right after your period it is effective almost immediately (check with the brand of pill you are using) because ovulation hasn't occured yet, if you start the pill any other time it is not considered effective until after your next period as ovulation may have already occured thus you could become pregnant, again.

Are birth control pills still effective if you break them into little pieces before swallowing?

Yes, you can chew or dissolve the birth control pill as long as you are certain you swallowed all of the pieces.

How long should you be off the birth control pill before getting the depo shot?

You can get the first Depo Provera shot when you are on the birth control. It will become effective immediately, and you'll be able to stop the birth control pill at that time.

How long after you stop the birth control pill will you get a period?

Depending on the birth control you were taking, and the dosage, it can take between a couple of weeks or up to three months.

Will you be protected on birth control if you had un-protected sex on your period during the week of the pills your supposed to take to get your period on birth control?

As long as you have not missed any of the pills during the first three weeks in the pack, you are still protected during your period.

How long does your period last while on the birth control pill?

three days maximum

How long after you stop taking birth control should you get your period?

In the next ten days.

How long until your period will regulate after starting birth control?

3 months on average

What happens when you stay on your period too long?

Get checked for anemia or get put on birth control

How long after getting off birth control does it take to start your period?

You will experience a withdrawal bleed first and your period will arrive 4+weeks after this.

Is there any long-term birth control for women that does not affect the menstrual cycle?

The copper IUD (brand name Paragard in the US) is a long-term, highly effective birth control method that does not change the timing of menstrual periods.

How long does birth control change your period?

Hormonal birth control changes your period while you're on it, and shortly after you stop, but the changes do not normally last. The exception is Depo Provera, after which it can take one to eighteen months (average 11) for your period to return to its previous pattern.

Can you get pregnant if the birth control pill is preventing your period?

Birth control pills are considered very reliable. As long as you take them on time there is very little chance of you becoming pregnant.

How long does it take for birth control to shorten your period?

4 weeks is the minimum 7 at max

How late can you take the pill for it to still be effective?

You can take your birth control at any time that is convenient for you, as long as you take your birth control every day at the same time.

If you took your pill like three days into your period even though you hadnt stopped bleeding yet how long will it take for the bleeding to stop Will your birth control cause your period to stop?

Hi, Yes birth control will cause your period to stop within 48 hours.