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Immediately...I just WOULDN'T recommend it! Alcohol acts as a diuretic, which means that it forces the kidneys to work overtime. If you've just had a kidney infection, you should let your entire body recover in peace. This means you should give your liver a break as well, as I'm sure it also has its hands full. Give your body a few weeks. I know that sounds rough (if you love to drink), but you need to let the system recover and have time to balance itself again. Obviously, you can drink at any time. It's just a matter of how much peace your willing to allow your body after such an incredible battle.

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โˆ™ 2006-07-31 00:08:44
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Q: How long after you have a kidney infection can you consume alcohol?
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Can you drink alcohol while taking a Z pak for a sinus infection?

No. You should never consume alcohol while on antibiotics. It can cause serious and long term liver damage.

Is having a kidney infection bad?

Having a bladder infection is not too bad as long as you get it treated, but a kidney infection can become a pretty serious problem.

How long should you wait to consume alcohol after using metronidazole?

Do not consume alcohol for 48 hours after taking the last tablet in the course.

How long should you wait after taking lamisil to consume alcohol?

While you are taking Lamisil you should not consume alcohol. However long that may be (usually a two to three months).

How old do you have to be to seat at a bar?

any age as long as they do not consume alcohol

How long after Ambien can you drink alcohol?

after taking 10 mg ambien should you wait to consume alcohol

How long to heal a kidney infection?

Appx. 2 weeks during treatment

How long should a 15 yr old dog be on antibiotics to ensure a kidney and throat infection are cured Could the kidney infection be connected to the throat infection?

Your vet can answer this question for you. He should have told you this when he prescribed the antibiotics for your dog.

How long should you wait to consume alcohol after taking acetaminophen?

2 years

How long after the use of Apo-naproxen can you consume alcohol?

5 days after

Is it healthy to hold your urine for a long period of time?

No, it is not healthy. It can cause you to have a urinary tract infection or kidney infection by holding it.

What would happen if you drank with a kidney infection?

I assume you are referring to drinking alcohol. It is not advisable. The kidneys filter the fluids in your body to get rid of toxins, the result is urine. When you have a kidney infection the kidneys can not work as efficiently and effectively as normal so you should avoid making them work harder than necessary by not consuming toxins such as alcohol. Doing this could cause damage to the kidneys that may be irreversible. Damage to kidneys can lead to kidney failure, which is not a nice condition to have and can ultimately result in the need for a kidney transplant. A kidney infection does not usually last too long and can be helped on its way by making sure you get your 1.5 Lts of plain water a day during the illness. A week of so of abstinence from alcohol during these times can save a lifetime of pain and illness in the future. Nix

What happens if you hold your urine to long?

you can kidney or bladder infection and it may lead to uti

How long after taking azithromycin should you wait to consume alcohol?

2-3 days

Is holding pee good?

Holding urine is definitely not good! If it sits in your bladder for a long time it can cause a urinary tract infection, bladder infection or even a kidney infection.

What is the drinking age in Rome?

16 is the legal age to purchase alcohol, 14 and 15 yr. old are allowed to consume alcohol as long as the alcohol is purchased by a parent

How long should you wait to consume alcohol after using morphine sulphate?

6-12 hours

What is the legal drinking age in Rome?

16 is the legal age to purchase alcohol, 14 and 15 yr. old are allowed to consume alcohol as long as the alcohol is purchased by a parent

After a one dose treatment of flagyl how long to consume alcohol?

After a one dose treatment of Flagyl you should wait at least 48 hours before you consume alcohol. If you do not wait the recommended time, you could experience negative side effects because Flagyl interacts with alcohol.

Does alcohol only affect the body short term?

Yes and no. Alcohol can destroy the liver if too much alcohol is consumed. However, an individual does not consume alcohol for a long period of time, the liver can heal itself.

How long does it take for alcohol to leave your system according to a urine test?

it depends on how many milliliters of alcohol you consume divided by the average ratio of the alcohol content. The alcohol content is displayed on the back of the bottle.

In the state of Washington is it legal for the bar manager to consume alcohol at the establishment?

As long as they are not serving or actively managing the establishment.

How long post brain surgery should you wait to consume alcohol?

Ask your physician, he knows your case best.

What is chronic pyelonephritis?

Chronic pyelonephritis: long-standing disease associated with either active or inactive (healed) kidney infection.

How long does it take for kidney infection to clear up?

I've had a kidney infection for over a week. Four days ago I went to the hospital, and after leaving was given prescriptions for the next 12 days of Cipro and Percoset. The kidney pain is still present at this point, and the doctor told me that it would be until about 10 days after leaving the hospital.