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The Ordovician Period of the Paleozoic Era lasted from about 490 million to 443 million years ago.

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Q: How long ago was the Ordovician Period?
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How long did the Ordovician period last?

The Ordovician lasted for 47 million years from 490 to 443 Million Years Ago.

When did the ordovician period start?

490 million years ago.

How did the Ordovician period get its name?

The Ordovician era (~488.3 to 443.7 million years ago) was named for the Ordovices, a Celtic tribe.

Which period came first the Ordovician or the Carboniferous?

The Ordovician period came first. It started 485.4 million years ago and finished 443.8 million years ago. Then came the Silurian and Devonian periods, followed at 358.9 million years ago by the Carboniferous.

How long was the Ordovician period?

About 44 million years

What was the name of the time period 470 million years ago?

470 million years ago was in the Ordovician Period (488.3 - 443.7 Ma).Phanerozoic Eon (542 Ma - Now)Paleozoic Era (542 - 251Ma)Ordovician Period (488.3 - 443.7Ma)Middle Ordovician Epoch (471.8 - 460.9Ma)Dapingian Age (471.8 - 468.1Ma)

What was the ordovician period?

The Ordovician Period started about 488.3 ± 1.7 Ma (million years ago), and lasted for about 44.6 million years. For more details, see the Related Link below.

How long was the Appalachian mountains been there?

The Appalachian Mountain range was created during the middle Ordovician Period (about 496-440 million years ago).

Ordovician time period?

The Ordovician was in the Paleozoic era, and lasted from 505 to 438 million years ago. Trilobites were common then, and the earliest jawless, bony fish.

What is the silurian period?

The Silurian is a geologic time period of the early Paleozoic. The Silurian was approximately 440 million years ago, to 416 million years ago. The Silurian was the period immediately after the Ordovician.

What are Ordovician Silurian periods Periods?

They are both time periods of the early Paleozoic. The Ordovician was approximately 490 million years ago, to 440 million years ago. The Silurian was approximately 440 million years ago, to 416 million years ago. The Silurian was the period immediately after the Ordovician. The two periods were divided by the second largest Mass extinction in history.

What period was the Erie-Ontario Lowlands formed?

Ordovician 4000 to around 4600 million years ago

What period came after the Cambrian period?

Ordovician .

What came after the Ordovician period?

The Silurian period.

What and when was the silurian period?

It was a geological period about 444 million years ago. also see Ordovician-Silurian extinction events. see Related Link below

What is the nickname of the ordovician period?

there are none!

What minerals were in the ordovician period?


What are the animals of the Ordovician period?


Where and when did the first plant evolve?

Fossils of the earliest land plants come from the Ordovician period (roughly 450 million years ago).

What were the dangers of the ordovician period?

The Ordovician Period was about 505 to 438 million years ago. During this period there was just one large super-continent which was mostly covered by shallow seas. During this time marine invertebrates and primitive fish were abundant. The only danger of this period was a large extinction of most of life by an Ice Age.

The Ordovician period follows the extinction at the end of which period?


Reptiles first appeared during this period?

Ordovician Period

What period did the formation of the oxygen atmosphere occur?

The Ordovician Period

Dominant organisms in the ordovician time period?

The dominant organism during the ordovician time period is the cephalopods. answered by: Baleigh Allman :) <3

Dangers in the ordovician period?

Lots of land