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How long can a collie run?

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How fast can a border collie run?

A border collie probably runs 30-35mph.

What is a rough collie also known as?

The Rough Collie is also known as the Long-Haired Collie. It is a type of dog that has a long coat. It is a medium to large sized dog. They were commonly used for herding in Scotland.

Is the collie the same as the border collie?

No. The breed referred to as just the "Collie" is a very different breed than the Border Collie. In fact, the Collie is usually called a Rough Collie or Smooth Collie, based on whether it has long or short hair. Some Hollywood examples of each: Lassie was a Collie. Fly from the movie Babe was a Border Collie. There are other breeds with Collie in the name, such as Bearded Collies, Farm Collies, Scotch Collies. Collie is a general herding type dog description.

What is a sentence with the word Collie?

Here is an example sentence for 'Collie':The Collie is an excellent breed of sheepdog that excels at obedience, characterised by its silky coat and long muzzle.

What is the habitat of a border collie?

hi there, we have a border collie at home we live in a a town house with not a lot of land. a border collie doesn't need land, all it wants in a loving family. our dog goes for run on a daily basis and loves it. so, a border collie loves to run and loves lots of land but it doesn't necessarily need it. hope this helps

How long will a collie live for?

Till they die

How much does a border collie dog cost?

Border Collie puppies usually run from 300-800 dollars top of the line puppies can be in the thousands.

What is the same about the collie and a smooth coated border collie?

There isn't really a smooth-coated border collie. The border collie is a different breed, but the rough collie, with a long double coat, and the smooth collie, with a shorter coat, are pretty closely related. The rough collie and the smooth collie both originated for herding purposes in the British Isles. They have the same general shape, size, and colorations. The only big difference is the coat type.

How long does a collie live?

about 12 to 14 years

How long is a border collie a puppy?

2 years

What is the difference between a rough collie and a collie?

A rough Collie is a type of Collie.

What are 3 breeds of collie?

Border collie, Rough collie, Smooth collie

Is there a type of collie called a fell collie?

Hi, not that i know of. There are 5 types of collie which are: Rough Collie Bearded Collie Border Collie Smooth Collie Shetland collie. these help more :

As far as we know our dog is a collie but she is smaller than most female collies and she looks like a rough collie but her hair isn't quite as long?

She is probably a mix-breed, bred with something with a collie.

How do you look after a bearded collie?

They can't be alone for too long.

What is the difference between a Border Collie and a Bearded Collie?

A bearded collie is much bigger than a border collie and the bearded collie has longer hair than the border collie.

What is name of the collie dog in 'White Fang'?

White Fang's mate, the collie dog, was named Collie.

What is the top speed of a border collie?

I dont know the exact speed but mine can run super fast it can run about 20 mph.

What breed of dog is in the nasonex commercial?

I believe it is a smooth coated collie. Very cute dog. It looks just like my dog (Labrador/collie mix) but with collie coloring and long fur. It's definitely not a pure bred collie, it's got lab in it's face.

What is the meaning of collies?

Collies is the plural of Collie which is a type of dog. A Collie is a sheepdog with long hair and has traditionally bred in Scotland. These are extremely intelligent dogs.

Do border collies have long tongues?

Well i have a border collie and it has a very long tongue and his sister did to.

How many kilometers can a border collie run?

40 km in a day is what someone told me once

What breed was Lassie the dog?

The dog who played the character of "Lassie" on television was a (male!) rough collie.Lassie is a collieA rough ColliecollieLassie was a Collie (rough variety).Lassie is a Rough Collie.

How long does a bearded collie live?

Usually 12 to 14 years.

What is hink pink for cheerful long haired dog?

jolly collie