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How long can a person live without food?


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A person will usually be able to live about 4-6 weeks without food. However there has been some cases where prisoners has lived for as long as 76 days without food.

There is many other factors that decides how long a person will survive. A person with a lot of body fat will survive longer than a person with less body fat. The amount of muscles are also very important.

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Without liquid-About three days. Without food-A week or so. A normal healthy person can survive for about a month without food. After this the body deteriorates rapidly

Less than one week without water.

The average person could live several weeks without food in the desert. However, that person could only live a couple days without water, especially if the temperature is quite hot.

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Most doctors and nutritionist state that the average person can live about 4 to 6 weeks without food, but a week is a miracle without water

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They can live up to 4 years without water but without food they can live up to 2 years

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