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It differs from 1mm to over 30mm

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Q: How long can an earthworm grow?
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How long can an earthworm get?

Earthworms can grow up to 4 meters long and be as small as 1 centimeter when an adult.

What size can a worm grow to?

The longest earthworm grew up to be120 cm long

How long can an earthworm be?

An earthworm can be up too 11 feet long.

Does a pineapple grow in sand?

I don't know how earthworm do grow.

A type of earthworm can grow to be 30 centimeters long. How many millimeters is this?

300 mm

How does an Earthworm grow?

In the soil/earth/ground

What is a giant earthworm?

what is a super LARGE earthworm A giant earthworm (Oligochaete) refers to either of two types of earthworms found only in Queensland, Australia. One (Terriswalkeris terraereginae) is a luminescent blue color and can grow to be about 6 feet long and the other (Megascolides austraiis) looks like an earthworm, but can grow to about 10 feet in length. A big earthworm is another type of worm which in my case I would stay away from because they could hurt you!

What animal would be a 1 decimeter long a earthworm or a fox?

An earthworm.

Where was the largest earthworm found?

Well the largest breed of earthworm is found on the Continent of Australia. They can grow '' Normally' to be 1 foot in length and when moving '' stretching' they can be 2 feet long and can jump up to 12 feet high.

How do small earthworm become giant?

They eat and grow large!!!!!

How long does it take an earthworm to regenerate?

It takes 6-9 weeks for an earthworm to regenerate.

What is the tail of an earthworm?

The tail of an earthworm is made of the same stuff as the rest of its body. When an earthworms tail comes of, the head can grow a new one.

Where is the longest earthworm?

worms can only grow so long. Here is a site that has lots of worm facts.

How long can a earthworm go without food?

as long as your mom!!

How long was the longest earthworm in the world?

it is 6 m long

What is the biggest earth worm?

The largest earthworm is most likely the Australian Great Gippsland Earthworm. They grow to more than 3 feet in length.

What part of the earthworm can regenerate?

An earthworm can regenerate its head and its tail. An example is, if you go dig a earthworm out from the ground and chop it in half then its head will grow a new tail and the tail will grow a new head. Eventually there would be two earthworms. If you cut an earthworm into four piece's then after a few weeks or even months there would be four earthworms. So if you think that if you cut an earthworm you are killing it you are wrong. But if you cut an earthworm into too many piece's, example twelve then you will kill the worm, and after that there is no way to bring it back to life.

How long is the longest earthworm?

6.7 meters

How long is the largest earthworm?

Earthworms can be as little as an inch or up to 10 feet long. The longest earthworm ever recorded was 22 feet long. It was found in 1967 in Williamstown Africa.

Transcription of The earthworm is a friend of the farmer?

Yes, they fertilize the soil which will help crops grow.

How long does an earthworm take to digest?

heka coolio

How long can a earthworm live for?

Up to 6 years

What is the longest earthworm in the world?

megascolides australis ( giant gippsland earthworm ) found in Australia is world's longest earthworm these giant earthworms average at 80cm long and 2cm in diameter their life span is relatively long and take 5 years for maturity when these worms hatch they are 20cm long

Why is the earthworm reffered to as farmers friend?

The earthworms make the soil soft and it is easy for the plants to grow in it.

Where would you find a 2.1m long earthworm?

I think in southamerica