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Worker's compensation insurance varies depending on each state. It helps to consult a lawyer if you are having and problems with worker's compensation. As long as a doctor has said you cannot return to work becasue of a work related injury, worker's compenstation insurance should be in effect.

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Hi~ However long the Workman's Compensation carrier's health provider has you on treatment that requires your time away from your work.

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A person receives workers compensation when they are injured at work. The time you stay on workers compensations depends on how injured you are and what your doctor orders are.

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about 3to8 months

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Q: How long can an injured employee stay on worker's compensation?
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How long is workers compensation insurance offered to the injured employee?

This depends on a large part on the insurance that you are covered by. This period could be as short as 6 months to as long as a lifetime compensation. You should call your insurance company to inquire.

What is workers compensation?

Workers' compensation systems (workers comp or compo) exist to protect employees who have incurred work-related injuries. These laws are usually a feature of highly developed industrial societies. Employees' compensation laws are often only implemented after long and hard fought struggles by trade unions, particularly in early industrialisation. There are often benefits available to dependents of workers killed on the job as well. Employees' compensation laws were first enacted in Europe and Oceania, with the United States following shortly thereafter. Workers' compensation programs were a key component of the labor structure of the former Soviet Union and similar societies, as communists are known to take workers' rights seriously.

Does a main employer have to pay earned sick leave if an employee is injured and receiving Workers Compensation on another job?

The employer is not required by law to pay out sick pay while an employee is collecting workman's comp. It depends on the employer though. In some cases an employer may pay earned sick pay to an employee collecting workman's comp. pay as a good will gesture, especailly to an employee who has had a very serious injury and has been a long term employee who has had few or no injuries.

How long do I have to be out of work to recieve compensation? this page has detailed description for the workers compensation under different circumstances.

What is the average workers compensation settlement for knee injury in State of Virginia?

Long Shoreman was injured on job. Had to have knee and shoulder surgery. Returned to work after but was unable to perform regular work duties

How long does an employee have to work for you to carry workmens compensation in Illinois?

The minute that employee sets foot on your premisis he is covered. Now for regular health insurance he/she will have a time period as stated by your company. But workman compensation covers ANY employee regardless of how long they have been in your employment.

If you become disabled on the job and collect workers compensation does it end and social security pick up?

Workers Comp is for Injury at work, till it recovers, the Plan will pay benefits as long as you are injured and un able to work. State laws may be differant from State to State.

Do you have to be injured at work in order to receive workers comp insurance?

Yes you do have to be injured at work to receive workers comp. That is why there are different types of leave from work due to injury. Workers comp is what you claim when injured at work. If you are injured away from work but cannot go back to work you would file under either short term or long term disability depending on how long you were required to be off for.

What is the average workers comp lump sum settlement when an employees falls on the job?

More information is needed to answer this question. Did the employee suffer extensive injuries? Was hospitalization required? Does the employee have long-term physical impairment? Was a brain injury involved? What exactly caused the fall? There are different reasons for a "lump sum settlement" from Workers Compensation, so to get figures the category must be defined

How long does your employer have to hold you position after you are injured on the job?

In Canada the Employer can give your position to someone else for the time you are away, but must give you that position back when you return. However, if you are on and off Worker's Compensation then your Employer has a right to give you another position which you can handle with the condition you have. An Employer cannot fire an Employee that is on Workers Compensation.

Can i receive Investment income while on workers compensation?

Yes as long as the checks aren't to heavy to lift.

How long do have to be on the job to qualify for worker's compensation?

In most states it is from the very first second of work. Workers Compensation Starts upon the day that you begin working, However Workers Comp Ins does have restrictions and regulations in place governing pre-exsisting conditions/injuries that an employee may have prior to having been hired.Also Depending on state laws Work-related aggravation of a pre-exisiting condition may be covered..