How long can chickens fly?

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According to several chicken trivia sites including Guinness World Book the longest verified flight of a domestic chicken is 13 seconds and 301.5 feet distance. I have several Araucana hens that would disagree with this record and a white German Shepard puppy that will gladly verify much longer time in air and distances involved.
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How long do you boil chicken for chicken and dumplings?

Answer If the chicken pieces have bones in them it will take about 2 hours for the chicken to get tender. If the pieces are boneless it will boil in about 45 minutes. If this chicken is whole it may take 2 - 3 hours. Addendum: The above times should result in a cooked but pretty dried out chicken. ( Full Answer )

Do chickens fly?

no chickens can not fly but they can get a little air when they run and then jump =) no no chickens cannot fly unless you mean in a crate in an airplane so in that case i would say maybe but otherwise they might try but not really they shuld plop 2 the ground otherwise

Why can't chickens fly?

Chickens can fly for short distances. In the wild, they roost in trees, not on the ground. Chicken farmers will "pin" their wings to keep them under manageable control. "Genetically-modified" chickens are raised for human consumption, and are not structurally the same as wild birds. Normal chickens ( Full Answer )

Why dont chickens fly?

Chickens cant fly cuz dey is a fat lard just like the rest of America these days. we is OBEEST!

Chickens can fly can't they?

Yes All chickens fly naturally. Not far or fast but they can. Most chickens have their flight feathers clipped and often get too fat to fly well but , yes, They can fly.

How do chickens fly?

Well that is a tough question, you may be reffering to the mechanical triceratops on sale in toys 'r' us, but that seems a little off-topic. I will answer your question relative to the board game/ movie; they have infinite microscopic engines beneath every feather. Also, excretion helps to keep 'e ( Full Answer )

How can i keep my chickens from flying over the fence?

Answer . make the fence higher! . Even with a higher fence, any object in the chicken yard can be used as a launching point, so trimming their wings is the easiest and cheapest alternative. Trimming one wing will make them fly lopsided and they'll likely be ineffective at flight. Trimming both ( Full Answer )

Why can't a chicken fly?

because it's too heavy?. They're too heavy and they have been domesticated for many years. they also are ment to lay eggs and get fat to eat so their chest muscles are not strong

Can chicken fly?

all chickens can fly a little but not very high or for very long - just about enough to get over a fence. wild chickens fly to get away from predators.

Can some chickens fly?

Yes if running is too slow, like when trying to get away from a predator, they can fly, usually low and not too far - mine fly at about 6ft off the ground and no more than 500 feet at a time. They can also power themselves up into the rafters of barns and branches of trees to sleep.

How long can chicken be kept out of the fridge?

No longer than an hour or so if left out in room temp. Bacteria can start to grow on foods in an hour. Our stomach acids can kill some of these bacteria but not all. Foods should be kept out of the danger zone which is above 45 degrees and below 145 degrees. In this zone foods are perfect for bacter ( Full Answer )

How long does ground chicken last?

Cooked ground chicken will last a few days in the refrigerator. Itis best to use it in a dish as soon as you can and not leave it forlong. Try to find a recipe to use it and go ahead and make use ofthe leftovers.

How far can a chicken fly?

Not very far. Maybe about 10-12 feet. And not very high either. Also to stop them from flying you clip (cut) a little part of the wings (on the end) and that will make it so they can fly as far

How high can chickens fly?

Chickens can fly only a few feet at a time. Mostly up about 7 feet. If you have an eight foot fence they shouldn't fly up enough to sit on its top.

How long do you boil chicken for chicken salad?

After preparing the chicken by removing the white skin and red blood vessels, you simmer the whole chicken breasts for approximatly 20-30 minutes. then on removing the chicken you cut it into whatever form you want and check cooked, if not boil for a further 10 minutes

Can all chickens fly?

Yes all chickens could fly, but the reason people doubt it is because chickens don't fly that high and don't fly that far.

Can chickens actually fly?

no, they are similar to ostriches in that way. Though they do not lay the biggest bird egg in the world, and they are not tall, and they can not run, neither can fly. Neither can penguins.. AA

Do chicken flys?

I assume you mean do chickens fly? The longest recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds. Chickens can fly but not for very long and not very high. Hope that's answered your question. :)

If chickens fly how do you keep them?

Chickens can fly, but they can't fly long distances. For the most part they stay in an outdoor run. We also free range our chickens and they know to come into the coop at night where they sleep. Chickens are a creature of habit, so you just have to let them know where home is, and they'll stick arou ( Full Answer )

Does a chicken fly?

Maybe if you kick it of throw it hard enough. lol wow that was so funny.......yes most chickens can fly short distances; how would u like it if someone kicked you or threw u around?

When do chickens start to fly?

chickens cannot fly well they can a bit but only for very short while I'm talking like 3 secs.

How long can a chicken fly?

Well, the longest flight record for a chicken was 13 seconds, but usually a chicken only flies about 3 or 4 seconds in the air.

Why don't chicken fly?

They do. Unless the flight feathers have been clipped a chicken can fly for short periods. They do not fly high like most birds but a few feet off the ground and for short periods. Chickens in the yard will fly to escape predators and fly to settle in the lower branches of a tree or on a fence to ro ( Full Answer )

Can tukeys and chickens fly?

Yes, both chickens and turkey's can and do fly although they do not fly high or far. Many chickens are wing clipped when they are young but they are all capable of limited flights. Wild turkey's use flight to escape predators but the turkeys raised for meat on farms are often too heavy for any rea ( Full Answer )

Can a chicken fly if exposed to high altitude?

Chickens, like turkey's, do not fly well. They can and do fly for short periods but a sustained flight from altitude would not be pretty. Just ask Les Nesmond from WKRP radio about dropping live turkey's from helicopters.. However, in fairness to the turkeys, and given the hypothetical (TV) situati ( Full Answer )

Why can't chickens fly for long?

because they have small wings. therefor, they can not fly for a long time like birds can. but they have little wings that help them fly when in danger. they cant go very far though!

Why do chickens have wings if they cant fly?

Chickens have wings because they can, and do fly. They don't fly for long stretches, but they do fly up to perches at night, or if they're trying to get away from a predator.

How do you clip chicken wings to prevent flying?

This is very easy. Only clip one wing or they will adapt and learn to fly with clipped wings. Hold chicken firmly and spread out one wing. You will notice a shutter like look on the feathers of the wing. You clip exactly under the shutterlike appearance. Just to be sure, take a look at both sides of ( Full Answer )

Why chickens can not fly?

Normally, chickens can fly. Naturally raised, not scientifically bred chickens fly. Today's commercially raised chickens are bred for large breasts and small wings and therefore aren't able to fly. They are simply too heavy for the wingspan.

Can chickens actually fly or is it just nonsense?

Yes. A chicken is a bird and can fly. They do not fly far or high but chickens that have not had their flight feathers clipped will fly. Some breeds actually like to fly and do so regularly.

Can Rhode Island Red Chickens fly?

Rhode Island Red chickens fly a little. They tend to hop up to geta start and flap their wings. As they get larger in size theirflying ability is reduced.

Can you feed venus fly traps chicken?

The Venus Fly Trap uses its massive jaws to open his mouth to an angle of 180 degrees and then chomps on the chicken with the force of 967.7230562048945634896593639786234987562349856234987 mph to crush the chicken and swallow it.

Does all chickens fly?

im not sure, but the longest recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds so maybe all chickens fly i dont really know :)

Can a silkie chicken fly?

Silkies are considered non-flyers. They can jump up to roost or into a nesting box. They have "ostrich" soft type feathering and do no have the normal flight feathers.

Can chickens fly like birds?

No the can flap and flutter to about 2 metres but cant fly very high or for very long

Can chickens fly in the sky?

No, not entirely. But they can flap their wings, jump and hover for a very very short time. But no chance could they fly into the sky.

Do rhode island red chickens fly?

All chickens can fly, not far and not high but unless they have had their wings clipped they can attain some lift and distance when needed. This is the way chickens escape predators and reach their evening roost.

Can chickens and roosters and hens fly?

Contrary to popular belief, chickens actually CAN fly, although not very well. It depends on the breed, and the size of the chicken. Bantam breeds can sometimes fly quite far, due to their small size. They aren't capable of sustaining flight though.

Can chickens actually fly with wings?

Yes they can. With wings chickens can fly but not for long distances. They can only fly at 5 ft high and for 13 seconds. This makes it even more difficult to catch chickens because they are really fast.

Do chickens eat fire flys?

Yes. A bug is a bug as far as a chicken is concerned. Fire flies are active during the later part of the day (snack) and early morning (breakfast) and are susceptible to being eaten. Fire flies do their best work at night however, when the chickens are roosting. Chickens don't see well in the dark a ( Full Answer )

Is it possibles for chickens to fly?

i dont think they can because the wings probly arnt strong enough but through out evulution they will meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh myah!

How do you fly to the monkey with the chicken in twilight Zelda?

You don't fly to it. You climb the ivy near the pumpkin patch and jump from island to island until you get the last island. Stand near the plant and press a to pick the plant. Press a again to use the grass to whistle. After a long intro, you get a bird. It will allow you to aim and fire the bird at ( Full Answer )

Does chicken habitually fly?

Yes, generally the males do most of the flying and can reach flying speeds of over 55 miles per hour. In the cold seasons many wild chickens migrate to warmer climates travelling thousands of miles at a time.

Why do chicken never fly?

Chickens never fly because they weigh too much they can glide but not for long, their bones are much thicker than a wild bird are.

Why can a chicken not fly far but a hawk can?

Chickens can fly. Not as well as hawks and not for prolonged distance or height but they can and do when threatened. Body density, weight verses wingspan determine the lift any bird can achieve. Most domestic chickens have no need for flight and are often clipped when young to reduce flight feathers ( Full Answer )

How do you fly like a chicken?

Chickens don't really fly all that well. They tend to do somethingmore like flapping leaps. It's far from graceful. Try doing a shortdash, a long jump, flap your arms wildly, and make a couple ofbaaawkaaaw sounds as you are doing it. This should get you prettyclose.