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Shetland ponies can live until they are around 25-3o. but it really depends on how they are cared for and if they are in good health or not.


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Ponys can live from 25-50 years Shetland ponies usually live up to about 25 - 30 depending on how well you treat it Shetland ponies usually live up to about 25 - 30 depending on how well you treat it

The Shetland ponies life cycle works in much the same way as other horses. They are born, grow up, reproduce, and die.

Ponies can live up to ALMOST 40, but this is very rare; most live to somewhere in their 20's-30's.

Shetland Ponies grow up to 10.2 hands high, and weigh about 500-600 lbs. They are about 28-42 inches high at the withers(place where neck meets the body)

They can live up to 35 years old, like other breeds of horse and pony.

Shetland ponies originate from the Shetland Islands off of the British coast. They are small, but very sturdy animals that are built to hold grown men despite their size. They can weigh up to 700 pounds.

The character of a shetland pony is strong and legandary. Though small, they are strong-minded and will not be dominated, as many young riders have found out. Some shetlands are more fiesty than others- it depends how they are brought up.

It depends on the breeding of the miniature pony. Some look more like Shetland ponies, and some look like down-sized Arabians. Miniature ponies can be great lawn-mowers, family pets, show champions, led ponies and ridden ponies for small children. Miniature ponies are generally good-natured, but some tend not to be broken in properlly. and can be timid. Look up Minature Ponies on the Internet for more information, Winnie the Horse Gentler

Shetlands range in size from a minimum height of approximately 28 inches (7.0 hands; 71 cm) to an official maximum height of 42 inches Registered stock must not exceed 42 inches(107 cm) 10.2 hands (42 inches, 107 cm) at the withers. Shetland ponies have heavy coats, short legs and are considered quite intelligent.

Around thirty years depending on the breed. Some ponies (horses under 14.2h) can live up to the age of 40.

Ponies live a bit longer than horses, if they are well cared for. A pony could live to 35 or 40. The average lifespan however is 25-30. A well looked after pony can still be competing when they are 28! One of the big problems for ponies or any "easy keepers" is over feeding. An overfed animal is at risk for laminitis/founder and Cushing's disease.

Usually around in there 20's, but ponies live until they are in there 30's it varies they could die of old age

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Ponies and horses are the same species, but different breeds. A horse breed that is under a certain height (when adult) is a pony. A pony has to be smaller than 14.2 hands. If its not, then its a horse. Horses normally range from 14.2hh and upwards in height. Ponies are under that height. Some pony breeds and sizes are: shetland 10.2hh and up, Falabella, 5.0hh and up. Horses: Shire or Clydesdale 18.0hh and up, Haflinger usually around 14.0hh.

Ponies can be many breeds, so I'd look them up on the web. Just remember that ponies can't be over 14'2hh so breeds that are under that are a breed of pony. Some are: Welsh ponies Dartmoors Exmoors

They can live up to 50 years.

To clean a Shetland pony's hooves you will need a hoof pick and possibly some water. You'll need to pick each hoof up and use the hoof pick to 'flick' the mud out, remember ponies are sensitive around the frog of the hooves, so you shouldn't use the hoof pick by scraping the mud out towards you. To pick up a front hoof, stand facing your ponies tail and run your hand down (this tells them what you're about to do) from your pony's shoulder to the hoof, as you get to the hoof say 'up' and pull the pony's hoof up. When you are cleaning it you'll probably need to hold the hoof with one hand. To pick up a back hoof, again you stand facing your pony's tail and run your hand down the back of the ponies leg. Lift the hoof up towards you. Some ponies will kick out at this point so be careful. You may want to wet the hoof to loosen any hard mud and make it easier to get out. If you have never done this before I'd recommend that you ask someone experienced in this to help you the first couple of times. Always be aware that a pony may get spooked or frightened when this is being done and may kick out.

they can live up to 23 years

Horses can live up to thirty years or longer if they are well cared for. Ponies generally live longer than larger horses, just as smaller dogs generally live longer than larger dogs. Morgans are a hearty breed of horse, so if well cared for, should easily live into their twenties or early thirties.

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I really depends on the breed of the pony and how tall he is. There are many different breeds of ponies and they come in many sizes and body types. Although the official height of ponies is under 14.2HH there are many pony breeds that have individuals taller than that. A shetland can carry a child up to 60 lbs. or so. A 15HH Connamara can easily carry an adult.

They live up to their late 80's

How long can they live up to? Well if they are in South America they can live up to 15 years and (or) they can live up to 20-30 years is the U.S. (United States) i dont know how long they can live up to for NZ (New Zealand)

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