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sperm can stay inside the vaginal flora for 3 days or 72 hours.

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Q: How long can sperm survive in a human vagina?
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How long can sperm survive in a woman's vagina?

50 years.

How long can sperm survive on a FINGER?

Sperm can live outside of the vagina anywhere from a few minuets to a few hours.

How long do sperm survive in the body if they are not used?

When sperm has been ejaculated into the vagina, it can remain active for up to 5 days.

How long can pre-ejaculate fluid survive in the vagina?

Pre-cum can definitely contain sperm, and sperm can survive in a woman's body for up to 7 days. Hope it helps.

How long can semen live for?

After ejaculation in vagina sperm can usually survive for maximum 4 days

How long does human sperm live?

Human sperm cells die quickly if they dry out. As long as they remain wet, however (as they would in a vagina), they can live for 24 to 48 hours.

How long does men sperm live when it's inside the female body?

How long sperm can survive within the female body depends on the phase of her menstrual cycle, vaginal environment, and male fertility. Generally speaking the sperm will only survive for a few hours because the vagina is acidic, but if there is fertile cervical mucus present it may survive for as long as a week.

If dry sperm enters the vagina can you get pregnant?

Sperm cannot live outside the body for very long, but there is a minute possibility that some could survive in this scenario long enough to cause pregnancy.

How long does sperm survive after being ejaculated inside the vagina?

2,3,4 ,7 or even two weeks but this is rare.all depends .

How long can sperm live on the outside of the vagina?

Sperm in the cervical mucus of a woman's vagina can survive for up to seven days. Without the cervical mucus to both nourish and protect the sperm, the sperm will die within one-half to four hours. Anyone who has touched semen should - wash and dry - or at least wipe off-before touching the vulva or vagina.

How long can sperm live in the vagina after intercourse?

Sperm can live and be active in the vagina for at least three days.

Could you get a girl pregnant if sperm dries on your penis for about 30 minutes and you put it in for about ten seconds?

The chances of that happening are like non existent. Sperm can not survive outside the vagina very long.

How long can pre-ejaculate survive in the vagina?

There is nothing in precum or cowpers fluid that can survive as it is made without any sperm. It can however in some cases carry sperm from previous ejaculations. Sperm can survive about 4 days in the woman's uterus etc . That means you can get one pregnat by having sex 4 or five days before ovulation.

How long can sperm live inside the vagina?

Inside the vagina, a sperm can live for up to five days depending on the conditions.

Can sperm still survive after dried and washed off after an hour?

no, sperm cant last long outside the human body and if its dry then there's no way it is alive.

In order to get pregnant does the guys sperm have to stay inside the girls vagina?

No...The sperm cell do not actually stays long in the vagina because it is acidic...the males produces a liquid to protect the sperm when it travels through the vagina

What are the chances of getting pregnant when boyfriends sperm was on stomach for more than 10 min then hits vagina?

Sperm cannot survive for long outside the body, unless special laboratory environments are provided. Without such special circumstances, and depending on the particulars (e.g., fluid, temperature), sperm can survive only a matter of minutes.

How long will sperm stay alive once it has left the penis?

Sperm ejaculated into a woman's vagina remain alive for three to seven days. Sperm ejaculated outside the body can survive normally until the semen that contains it dries. Depending on surface and temperature, determines the life of the sperm.

If sperm lands on the vagina but is wiped off immediately can you get pregnant?

Sperm has to enter the vagina in order to get pregnant. Even if the sperm makes it in it has a long hard journey to make it to the egg.

How long does sperm stay in your mouth?

As long as you want it to stay;) . But it cannot survive for more than a few minutes. Human Saliva is too acidic.

How long does a sperm survivie?

till it goes in the vagina

How long does sperm live when on birth control?

It depends on what birth control method you're referring to. If using hormonal birth control this stops fertile cervical mucus being produced, thus the sperm will not survive for long within the acidic environment of the vagina - a few hours to a few days at most. Obviously if you were using spermicide the sperm wouldn't survive more than around 30 minutes to an hour.

Is it safe to leave sperm inside vagina when the partner is pregnant?

Sure. As long as it's your partner's vagina.

How long does a sperm cell live inside the vagina?


How long can sperm stay alive if collected in a sealed container?

how long can sperm stay alive if kept in a sealed container until incerting into the vagina?