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How long can you be excluded from jobs because of a felony conviction?

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It depends on the job, but in many cases you can be excluded permanently. If the job requires some level of bonding or security verification, you might never be eligible.

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What jobs can you get if you have served time for felony charges?

You can not be discriminated against because of a conviction record. Not all employers are required to hire you though with a felony conviction. Some do complete backrounds checks because of high security reasons you can not be hired but you also know this when applying for certain jobs. This are usually high teck and government jobs. Common labor , factory, welders, ect... can not discriminate.

Will you hire me If have a felony conviction?

There are many companies that do not hire a person if they have a felony conviction. However, there are companies that will hire a felon. A person has to apply for jobs until they find a company that will hire them.

Can a felon get a degree in criminal justice?

Certainly. However, a felon would be barred from most jobs in the criminal justice field as a consequence of a felony conviction.

What does a felony look like on record does it show what the felony was for?

It depends on the format the reporting entity uses. Most of them will report the conviction date and the actual crime. This often will determine whether the crime will be a factor in what types of jobs you can get.

What kind of jobs can you get if you have a felony?

Depends on the felony.

Can larceny prevent a seventeen year old from getting in college or getting a job?

A conviction for felony larceny can prevent getting into many colleges and will show up in background checks for jobs. The teenage conviction can be sealed or expunged in some states.

What type of jobs can a female parolee obtain?

Female parolees are governed by the same laws as males. She may obtain any job that is not barred by law due to the felony conviction. For instance, in most states, no previously convicted felon may work in the healthcare or mental healthcare industry. In all states, teaching is barred for those with a previous felony conviction.

Where to find jobs with felony in Houston Texas?


What kind of jobs are available with a felony record?

my husband has a felony record and the only jobs he can get are in construction. they hardly ever ask

Can you be a cop in marryland if you have a felony at age 19?

No. A felony removes you from a great many jobs.

What kind of jobs can you get with an armed robbery felony?


Can someone with a felony work for the city?

Whether or not someone with a felony can work for a city depends on the city and the job. Usually cities will not employ someone with a felony in jobs involving security, money, or children. Other jobs may be open to them.

Is there a list of occupations restrictions for people with felony in Kansas?

No jobs with guns. No jobs with alcohol No medical jobs No jobs where people are always depending on you.

Can you get a job with a felony?

I did! I mean i have but not good jobs just like sales jobs in jobs where i was the only 26 year old there

What jobs were given to Jews in concentration camps?

Most were given hard labour, but Jews were eligible for all jobs, there were none from which they were excluded.

What type of jobs can one do with a class E felony?


Are there jobs for felons in San Antonio Texas?

Where can I find felony friendly jobs in san antonio texas

What jobs are available for people with a DUI conviction?

mcdonalds, bk, denny's etc,,,,,,,,

Your felony is 12 years old why can you not find a job?

Felony convictions don't "go away". You cannot be discriminated against for having a felony on your record for "most jobs".

In minnesota what are some felony friendly jobs?

because they ain't letting us find a nice job for us to feed are family and not to get in troble that's why

What jobs allow prior felony convictions?

Jobs that require interaction with minor children will generally not hire persons with felony convictions. However, most other jobs are willing to hear the candidate's explanation of the circumstances surrounding the incident, and to look at evidence of rehabilitation.

What jobs can you be denied with a Misdemeanor conviction?

Home Depot will not accept anyone with a misdemeanor for assult.

Federal jobs can you have a felony?

Check out this site......

How can you get a job if you have a felony?

Pursue only jobs in occupations unrelated to your conviction, and only with larger employers. Employers with 15+ employees are subject toi Title VII and cannot consider convictions unrelated to the job's duties. A theft conviction can keep you from a bank teller job, but not from an engineering job. A child abuse conviction can bar you from a child care or child teaching job, but not from a bank teller or college prof job. Employers smaller than 15 can ignore Title VII and bar all convicts.

Is there any professional jobs for person that have been convicted of a felony in san antonio tx?


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