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I would say that if you put in a full CO2 cartridge and shoot half of it up, and leave it for 2-4 days it would be fine and you would still have 1/4 the cartridge left. Anything more than that would make the slow leak deplete it.

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Q: How long can you leave gas in your airsoft gun?
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What do you do when your airsoft green gas pistol fires but the bb does not leave the gun?

Needs to be serviced

Can you use butane in a gas airsoft gun?

No! No! No!

Can you get the orange tip out of a airsoft gun?

No. It is there for a reason. Leave it.

How long is an m16 airsoft gun?

The HK 416 Gas Blowback airsoft rifle measures 31.7 inches with buttstock collapsed and 34.8 inches extended.

How long do you keep spraying green gas in a airsoft gun?

10-15 Seconds 5 second bursts

Do you still have to clean your gas airsoft gun if you use green gas?


Is it bad to leave an airsoft gun dissembled?

Not as long as you don't forget how to put it back together and it doesn't get dusty or rusty.

How do you mount an full auto electric and or gas airsoft Gun or airsoft gun firing mechanism correctly on an R.C. airplane?

Very carefully....

What is a gas airsoft gun?

An air-soft gun that is powered by CO2 or green or red gas instead of a spring or a battery.

Can a gas powered airsoft gun shoot through a hoodie?

Of course it can.

Is a lone wolf timberwolf airsoft gun electric?

No, it is green gas.

How can an airsoft gun run on co2?

It is a gas and can be used to propel projectiles.