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Q: How long can you live eating only peanuts?
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How long can squids live without eating?

Only a month.

How long can a squid live without eating?

Only a month.

How long can a cat live on water only?

A cat cannot live long on water only, but just how long depends on the condition of the cat. Most cats can live about a week or two with only water, but it can trigger a fatty liver condition when they begin eating again, which can kill them.

How many peanuts can you have in a day?

read this page, I think it should tell you (I only read part of it)P.S. if that link don't work, soory

What are other things besides peanuts that people with peanut allergy cannot have?

As long as it is only an ingestable allergy, they you should not give her anything with peanuts or peanut butter. You should also not give her anything made in a factory with products with peanuts either.

Are peanuts products safe to eat if you have bronchitis?

Only if you are not already allergic to peanuts.

How long do craneflies live?

They only live for about 3 days

If a person is drinking apple juice but not eating food how long can you live?

A person can only survive about a week because every human need water to survive

What is the name of the only black character in the Peanuts comics and cartoons?

The black character in the Peanuts cartoons is named 'Franklin'.

How much peanuts do you feed a hen daily?

Peanuts should only be fed to chickens as treats - that means at most around 3-4 times a week, with servings only being a decent size. However, they should only be fed peanuts that have NOT been salted.

Would you rather live your life in a musical or live your live only eating food in the form of yogurt?

id rather play video games

How long can babies live without food?

I think that it can only live for only about eight hours