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Chlamydia is curable no matter how long you've had it, although damage caused by chlamydia will not be reversed by treatment. You should get treated for chlamydia as soon as you know you're infected.

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Q: How long can you wait to treat chlamydia?
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How long should you wait to get pregnant after your husband was treated for chlamydia?

There is no need to wait to conceive after effective treatment for chlamydia.

Can a general practitioner treat chlamydia?

Yes, a general practitioner can treat chlamydia.

When was the antibiotic for chlamydia developed?

There are various medications used to treat chlamydia. These were developed at various times. None was developed specifically to treat chlamydia.

Does flucloxacillin cure chlamydia?

Flucloxacillin is not used to treat chlamydia.

What is the injection used to treat chlamydia that begins with an r?

Rocephin is an injection used to treat gonorrhea. Chlamydia is not treated with injections.

Does isoniazid cure chlamydia?

Isoniazid or INH is an antitubercular medication and does not treat chlamydia.

What is the treatment for chlamydia or mycoplasma?

Azithromycin and/or doxycycline is used to treat chlamydia or mycoplasma.

Does mefloquine cure chlamydia?

Mefloquine is an antiprotozoal, and does not treat bacterial infections. It will not cure chlamydia.

Does cefaclor cure chlamydia?

Cefaclor (brand name Ceclor) is not used to treat chlamydia.

Does cefuroxime cure chlamydia?

Cefuroxime (brand name Ceftin) is not used treat chlamydia.

Does saw palmetto treat chlamydia?

Saw palmetto does not treat chlamydia. See your health care provider for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment with antibiotics.

Does hydrochlorothiazide cure chlamydia?

Hydrochlortothiazide is a diuretic, not an antibiotic. It will not treat chlamydia or any other infection.

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