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it took the mars pathfinder 211 days to get to mars.

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Q: How long did it take Mars pathfinder to get to Mars?
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Is the Mars Pathfinder a satellite?

No, a satellite orbits around a planet. The Pathfinder landed on Mars.

Why was the Mars pathfinder named sojourner?

because they lived there long time ago.

What do the Pathfinder and the Sojourner have to do with Mars?

The pathfinder was the first solar-powered spacecraft to land on mars. When the pathfinder infolded its petals the Sojourner is revealed.

What type of sentence is after the Mars pathfinder landed on the planet Mars?

"After the Mars pathfinder landed on the planet Mars" is not a sentence. You must complete this sentence by making it read something like the following: After the Mars pathfinder landed on the planet Mars, it took pictures of the geographical features.

What was the name of the Mars pathfinder rover?

MESUR Pathfinder

What are the space probes that traveled to Mars?

*mars odyssey *mars global surveyor *mars pathfinder

How did they get the mars pathfinder in space?

on a rocket

On which planet did pathfinder land on?


Who invented the mars pathfinder?

bob saget

What is the name of the Mars pathfinder rover?


What are the Mars Pathfinder Rovers?

Mars Pathfinder Rovers are cost efficient robotic rover that was designed to navigate and collect data from the planet Mars. The rovers are designed to withstand the Martian environment.

Is the Mars rover and the Mars pathfinder rover the same thing?

A Mars Rover is any machine capable of moving on the planet Mars. There have been many Mars Rovers. Pathfinder was one of them. Some others are - Spirit, Opportunity, Phoenix, Viking.